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How to Remove Coffee Stains From Clothes Like a Pro

These tips will help you remove coffee stains from your clothing in minutes so you can get back to sipping your favorite brew.

how to remove coffee stains from clothes
Written by
Samantha Bailon
Whether it's a
walk outside
, a new episode of a
favorite podcast
, or some good old-fashioned headline skimming, everyone has their morning routine—and chances are,
is likely a part of it.
Like all drinks, though, the beloved morning beverage is spillable, and unsightly coffee stains are not our idea of a relaxing a.m. addition. Luckily, learning how to remove coffee stains can prevent a morning misstep from ruining your entire day.
The daunting dark color of a coffee stain is caused by tannins that have attached to water molecules. (This richness in color is also found in other beverages like
and tea.) While the color may make you believe your new favorite shirt is ruined, the pigment is actually loosely bonded to the fabric, making the stain easily removable. 
how to remove coffee stains from clothes
That said, don’t discount the cleaning instructions on your clothes. If your label calls for the dry cleaners, head in that direction. If it's made from synthetic fibers, a simple detergent and water solution will do the trick. But if it's a natural fabric, like cotton or linen, the process might take a little longer. Knowing the fabric makeup will help you pick the best process to return your outfit to its original state. 
With prompt action, some patience, and a little help from eco-friendly pantry items, that stain has no chance against these tried-and-true techniques. Here, three ways to remove coffee stains from clothes. 

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Clothing: 3 Tricks That Work

1. Use Dish Soap or Laundry Detergent

If you're dealing with an older or tougher stain, rub natural liquid dish soap or powdered laundry detergent into the stain. Let soak in water for 30 minutes in cold water before rinsing. Then, run it through the washing machine with a stain-fighting, eco-friendly detergent pod like
Dropps Stain & Odor Detergent

2. Cold Water Technique

This one is simple: Run a slow stream of cold water through the backside of the fabric to keep the coffee from meshing with the materials. Continue until the water comes out clear.

3. Use an Eco-Friendly Stain Remover

Skip the dozens of bottles of cleaning supplies and opt for one that does it all. This
Multi-Purpose Natural Cleaner Starter Kit
is great at cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, and clothing stains. Just spray it onto the coffee stain, wipe, and repeat until the stain is gone. The sooner you use it, the better.