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How to Make Pollinator-Friendly Seed Bombs for Your Backyard Bees

Making seed bombs can be beneficial to bees and other pollinators. Learn how to go about it, step by step, with these simple instructions.

how to make seed bombs
Written by
Riley Baker
There are many different ways to help
save the bees
. You can avoid using
harmful chemicals
in your yard, choose organic produce whenever possible, and even create a bee bath. But one of the easiest is making your space more
, and that's where seed bombs come in.
Seed bombs—also called pollinator pods—are clay- and compost-covered balls packed with wildflower seeds that can be planted with the hope of providing a vital food source for bees and other pollinators, like
. Once sprouted, those flowers produce nectar and pollen, giving bees sustenance to fuel their energy and survival.
Aside from providing bees and pollinators with a food source where they may not otherwise have one, seed bombs also have the ability to create vibrant,
eco-friendly landscapes
. Picture strolling through your neighborhood, unexpectedly encountering a burst of vibrant wildflowers that once inhabited nothing but barren soil.

Getting the Whole Family in on the Fun

how to make seed bombs
While making seed bombs is a
relaxing solo activity
, it's also a great opportunity to
teach your kids about the environment
and nurture their adoration for the planet from a young age. Plus, what kiddo doesn't love playing in the dirt?
Creating seed bombs is a sensory activity—one that benefits them and the world around them. First, the activity serves as an entry point for communication. You can discuss the
importance of bees
and how you're providing them with a vital food source. It also provides a hands-on experience as they assemble the soil, clay, and seed balls, which promotes fine motor skills.
Lastly, making seed balls instills a sense of responsibility that can feel empowering. Not just on the day of the activity, but also as they watch the wildflowers sprout and are able to observe the results of their efforts.

How to Make Seed Balls for Bees

how to make seed bombs
Ready to make some seed balls of your own to attract pollinators to your yard? Here's exactly how to go about the project, according to the
North Carolina Zoo

What You'll Need:

1 cup pollinator-friendly,
native wildflower seeds

5 cups compost or potting soil
2-3 cups clay soil


1. Start by combining the compost or potting soil, clay soil, and seeds in a bowl. Mix all the materials together with your hands.
2. Slowly mix in water using your hands until the mixture melds together and you're able to start shaping it into balls.
3. Toss the pods into bare spots in your yard that could use a burst of pollinator-friendly wildflowers. Or place the pods on top of the soil in flower pots.
4. Water as needed and watch your wildflowers bloom.