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Later, Mushy Grapes: 5 Simple Ways to Them Fresh for Longer

Sick of rotten grapes? Here are five easy ways to keep your grapes fresh for longer, saving you money and reducing waste.

how to keep grapes fresh
Written by
Calin Van Paris
Harvest season is just wrapping up in
wine world
, which means that grapes are at top of mind. Grapes are a delicious standalone snack, with a poppable and portable sweet-meets-tart taste that makes them the perfect treat. A mushy grape, though, is decidedly less delicious.
is always an option, produce-gone-bad often ends up in landfills where it releases methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to 
global warming
. So why not take some extra steps to preserve your food's just-picked appeal?
If you're wondering exactly how to keep your grapes fresh, tricks and tips exist to help keep your bunches ripe—but not overripe—for a longer period of time. Here's how to store your grapes so they last longer.

How to Keep Grapes Fresh: 5 Tips That Work

1. Keep Them on the Stem

First things first: Buy your grapes on the stem, and resist the urge to remove them. Grapes stored on the stem stay fresh for a longer period of time, as the stem prevents oxygen from infiltrating the flesh.

2. Remove Any Less-Than-Fresh Fruit

One bad grape can really ruin things for the rest of the bunch. As such, discard any rotting, molding, or mushy grapes prior to storing.

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3. Store Dry and Unwashed

how to keep grapes fresh
Stop! Don't rinse your grapes just yet. Too much moisture can speed up the process of decay, so refrain from washing your grapes until you are ready to eat or serve.

4. Keep in a Cold Place

Grapes love your refrigerator; the ideal condition for grapes is
30-32 degrees
. If stored at the right temperature, grapes will last longer than most other berries.
Showcasing grapes in a bowl on the counter is certainly visually appealing, but save the step until you're ready for snacking.

5. Allow for Ventilation

how to keep grapes fresh
There's a reason that grape packaging features ample holes. A flow of oxygen helps keep grapes at peak freshness, so avoid air-tight containers that can encourage the creation of moisture (as previously noted, the enemy of freshness).