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We Tried These Digital Cards—and Got You a Discount

If you want to go the eco-friendly route with holiday cards, try GroupGreeting. Here's what our Scouts thought of the digital cards.

Written by
Mia McCallum

There’s a greeting card for everything—birthdays, graduations, and (of course) the holidays. Now that the holidays are here, you might be wondering how to send your friends and family a greeting card that doesn’t harm the planet. GroupGreeting's solution? Going 100% digital.

This year, consider going the digital card route. Not only are these waste-free cards better for the planet, but they're just as personalizable and fun. Our Scouts gave GroupGreeting a try, and here's everything you need to know to start sending eco-friendly virtual cards yourself.

What Is GroupGreeting?

GroupGreeting is a fast, convenient, and eco-friendly way to connect with others via digital greeting cards. Their mission is to make it easy for people to share their appreciation and holiday joy, one card at a time. 

With GroupGreeting, not only can you create a digital greeting card, but you can also have multiple people sign it. This modern approach to the traditional greeting card allows you to share a link to your digital card to gather as many signatures as you’d like—no more losing cards or running out of space.

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Helping the environment is also a part of their mission. Since 2019, they've partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees in areas devastated by wildfires and deforestation. Every digital card that's purchased helps save trees by not using a paper card and helping restore forests, one tree at a time. 

The Good

GroupGreeting’s digital greeting cards can be purchased individually or through any of its annual subscription plans. To begin, simply select a card (or create your own) and personalize it with text, emojis, photos, and/or GIFs. You can then send it to others to sign before it gets sent off to your recipient of choice. Our Scouts received 10 cards to send out, and here’s what they thought of the process.

What Our Scouts Thought:

  • “I think this is a great eco option, as I know I didn't want to send out physical cards because they get thrown out!” —Mary Olmsted
  • “I’m not only saving trees, but I’m also saving the cards from winding up in the trash, money, and time at the post office!” —Ciara Fitts
  • “I love that I'm not only saving trees without buying a physical card, but I'm also helping to plant future trees.” —Danielle Schroeder
  • “I think I would use these more over time. I do like a traditional card, as we don’t get many of those anymore, but I'm not a fan of the environmental impact.” —Hannah B.

Things to Work On

While our Scouts liked using GroupGreeting’s digital greeting cards, they had some concerns with the ease of sending cards to more than one recipient and the usability of the website. They would also like to see more representation throughout the card selection.  

What Our Scouts Thought

  • “You could only send [digital cards] to one email at a time. I wish you could just put a bunch of emails in at once to be sent to everyone at once.” —Mary Olmsted
  • “I found the platform to be a bit challenging, as far as connecting it to friends' emails.” —Hannah B.
  • “In the sample photos, I loved the visible diversity shown. However, from what I saw, I only saw examples of traditional heterosexual relationships. I would have loved to see examples of LGBTQ+ families or single parent households reflected in the example photos. I would also like a search button to search through cards if I'm looking for something specific I want on the card, like snowflakes.” —Danielle Schroeder

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