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Grandmillennial Style Is Here to Stay—That's Great for the Planet

Grandmillennial style allows you to revive your home while also saving the planet. Find out what it is and how to master the aesthetic.

Written by
Giulia Lallas

Earlier this year, grandmillennial style became a major home decor trend. It's described as a "throwback aesthetic" that blends together two generations: millennials and their grandparents.

Now, Airbnb says it's one of its biggest design predictions for 2022, as more than 14,000 listenings currently contain grandmillennial buzzwords in their descriptions.

Aside from being a fun way to style your home (who doesn't love granny chic?), it's also really great for the planet. But what is grandmillennial style—and why is it a trend worth trying?

What Is Grandmillennial Style?

Originally coined by House Beautiful in 2019, the grandmillennial style trend really started to take off last year. Especially after Katherine Medlin started writing about it in her blog, Pender & Peony. But what is it, exactly? It can be described as "granny-chic" and is all about mixing old-school design trends with modern elements.

"Each generation rebels against the one previous, so the millennials who are now furnishing homes are rebelling against their parents and their style," says interior designer Kevin Isbell. "Raised during the mass market furniture explosion, they are rebelling against the monochromatic catalog looks that they were raised with and are looking to earlier generations for inspiration."

Grandmillennial style features a lot of patterns and highly-textured walls. Colors are celebrated and florals adored. Throw a few modern touches into the mix, and voilà—you've conquered the grandmillennial aesthetic.

"This generation isn't afraid to mix in brown wood furniture or their grandmother's China to add personality and uniqueness to their homes—and their Instagram feed," Isbell says.

How Grandmillennial Style Benefits the Planet

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the United States produced 12.1 million tons of furniture waste in 2018. That number doesn't even include other home goods. Carpets and rugs, for instance, produced an additional 3.4 million tons of waste the same year.

Unlike other decor trends, grandmillennial style doesn't require you to buy anything new. It allows you to use modern pieces you already have and pair them with older pieces that may be destined for a landfill. One of the best places to start is with your family heirlooms. You can also shop for fun pieces at thrift stores, vintage shops, or antique shops.

This trend also allows you to turn trash into treasure. With a little TLC and some great DIY furniture ideas, a dresser or end table someone left out for the garbage truck can be turned into something you'll cherish for years.

Being able to revive your home while also saving the planet? Yep, grandmillennial style is definitely a win.