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This Tiny Water Purifier Replaces 2,000 Plastic Bottles!

GOpure's Water Purifier Pod is small but mighty, keeping 2,000 plastic water bottles out of oceans and landfills. Here's our review.

Written by
Tehrene Firman

We all know single-use plastic water bottles aren't good for the planet. But, we get why people are still buying them: The taste is oh-so-good. What if we told you there's a way to get that bottled-level goodness, minus the waste?

GOpure's On-the-Go Water Purifier Pod is the definition of small but mighty. It fits in nearly every standard reusable water bottle, as well as coffee maker water reservoirs, pitchers, and hydration packs. Aside from making your drinking water taste better, it also has some serious purifying powers, keeping impurities, toxins, and contaminants out of your water. In fact, a single pod replaces 2,000 plastic water bottles!

What's especially great about GOpure's Water Purifier Pod is that within just two minutes of dropping it into your water bottle, the water is already fresh-tasting and ready to drink. Every time you refill, it automatically starts working its magic again.

It's also long-lasting. Each pod works up to six months thanks to its ceramic technology, which is a lot longer than other purifiers and filters you've seen in stores. The popular carbon filters, for instance, need to be replaced every 40 gallons compared to GOpure's 264 gallons.

Once the pod's time is up, the ceramic core is biodegradable and compostable, and the casing is recyclable. The refill pods are packaged in eco-friendly glass vials, making it easy to stay sustainable every step (and sip!) of the way.

Want to try GOpure's On-the-Go Water Purifier Pod for yourself? It's available in the Brightly Shop until January 9th at 11:59pm PST. Better yet, there's an exclusive deal for Brightly shoppers: If you buy two pods, you'll receive a third pod for free!

So, what are you waiting for? Aside from removing impurities and making your water taste better, this pod also keeps plastic pollution out of oceans and landfills. Clean water, here you come.

How to Use GOpure's Water Purifier Pod

1. Before using your pod, rinse it under cold water for 10 seconds.

2. When using the pod for the first time, clean your water bottle thoroughly before filling it with water.

3. Repeat this process every two weeks for optimal performance.