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Sick of Rising Egg Prices? Try This Thrifty (and Eco-Friendly) Replacement

The country is in the midst of an egg shortage. This plant-based flax egg substitute is the perfect way to supplement your baking needs.

flax egg substitute shortage
Written by
Calin Van Paris
With inflation comes scarcity, retail mark-ups, and general upheaval. And the latest consumer item assigned a double-take-level price point? The humble
The kitchen mainstay has seen a sharp uptick in cost in recent weeks, the shift due in part to the economy, in part to an outbreak of bird flu that has affected
57 million birds
since last February. Regardless of the cause,
egg prices are up 60%
, and the
is being felt around the country.
The solution? A vegan flax egg substitute—one that you can make yourself. If the prospect sounds intimidating, a quick lesson from Carleigh Bodrug of
Plant You
provides the perfect starting point.
Bodrug's egg substitute is a simple blend of flaxmeal and water, the resulting combination imitating egg's gooey texture and making for an ideal baking substitute. As a bonus, Bodrug notes that flax seeds are high in fiber and omega-3s, making the alternative a healthy one, too.
Whether you prefer
vegan treats
or are simply looking to minimize your reliance on eggs, this quick fix is a must-try. Here, Bodrug's plant-based answer to the egg shortage.

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How to Make a Vegan Flax Egg Substitute

vegan flax egg shortage
Makes the equivalent of one egg
1 Tbsp ground flaxseed
2.5 Tbsp water
1. Grind whole flaxseed into flaxmeal.
2. Combine flaxmeal with water. Allow the mixture 15 minutes to set (texture should be slightly goopy).
3. Mix into your favorite vegan baking recipe!
Craving more sustainable meals? You can find more of Carleigh's simple plant-based recipes like this at
 or purchase her cookbook at