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You Can Make a Fabric Plant Hanger Out of an Old T-Shirt—Here's How

Don't toss out your old clothes just yet. Here's how to make a fabric plant hanger out of an old t-shirt you no longer wear.

Written by
Morgan Cook

Dreaming of a home filled with luscious hanging plants, but don’t want to waste money or resources on building your collection of plant hangers? Luckily there's a simple low-waste (and low-cost!) way of creating those cute macrame hangers that are taking over your Instagram feed.

Instead of tossing out a worn-out t-shirt, use it to make a fabric plant hanger. All you need is an old tee, some scissors, and—the cherry on top—a plant. Liv, the TikTok user behind @omc322, shared her entire process in a video. By using a simple knot technique, she was able to upcycle her shirt into a macrame masterpiece.

Making a fabric plant hanger is the perfect weekend project for anyone looking for a new way to show off their plant babies. Continue reading below for Liv’s step-by-step instructions. 

How to Make a Fabric Plant Hanger

1. Ready to make your fabric plant hanger? Liv says to start by cutting your shirt in half. Don’t simply hack it down the middle, though. You’re aiming to separate the front of the shirt from the back, so you’ll want to cut down the seams on the side.

2. There's going to be a lot of numbers coming up, so strap on your math hat and stay with me—it'll be worth it. To form your ropes, cut each half of your t-shirt into nine strips, so that you have a total of 18 strips.

3. Pull each strip taught so that the edges curl in, creating a cleaner look. Set two strips aside. These will be extras that will come into play later. 

4. Now, with the remaining 16 strips in front of you, divide them into eight pairs and tie each pair together at the ends. This should leave you with eight long strips.

5. Create the loop from which your beautiful creation will hang. Start by taking one of the spare strips you cut earlier and wrap it around all eight pieces, about three inches from the top.

6. Take those three-inch strands and tie them together to form a complete loop.

7. This step is where you’ll really start to see your fabric plant hanger take form. You'll use a simple macrame technique that's easy to do, but a little difficult to explain, so we recommend taking a look at this visual representation. Steps 6 and 7 specifically explain the technique used by Liv.

8. Once you've created all your knots, tie the pieces together at the bottom with the remaining spare strip.

9. For a final touch, you can braid the ends together (or even add beads!) for some extra flair. Now all that's left to do is hang it up, place your plant, and snap the perfect pic for your Insta.