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Your Questions, Answered: Our First Eco Swaps, Why We’re Launching a Shop, and More

Laura and Liza are giving you the inside scoop.

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Brightly Staff

Since Brightly's inception, our community has grown from a few passionate people to millions of changemakers. So what better time than now to pass the microphone to our community—the individuals who are taking small daily steps to better the planet right alongside us?

In the latest episode of Good Together, Brightly co-founders Laura and Liza answered burning questions from the Brightly community, including how they got started on their own sustainability journeys, the "why" behind the Brightly Shop (have you signed up for a text alert?), and more. Here are the top community questions, answered.

Starting the Good Together Podcast

"How did you know you wanted to start a podcast?" —Diana K., Virginia

The very first episode of Good Together went live in July of 2019. "We thought, let's take our conversations that we're already having over wine, and let's share it with the listeners and see if anyone is going to listen," Liza says.

Well, people listened: It ended up in the top 150 podcasts in the U.S. after just 10 episodes and was featured by Apple three times as the #1 podcast for conscious consumers.

"We really felt like there was a need to talk about sustainability from an authentic and realistic perspective," Laura adds. "That's always our goal—to approach something that might seem complicated or might seem intimidating to most people, and really ask the questions about it and do it from a realistic perspective."

Launching the Brightly Shop

"Launching a shop, how are you thinking about promoting people to use the Brightly Shop without promoting over or unnecessary consumption?" —Colleen Cochran, NY

If you're following us on Instagram and TikTok, then you know we're launching the Brightly Shop on August 2nd. "We really see this as an opportunity to reinvent the way conscious consumers shop," says Laura.

"When you think about most shops out there, what's their goal? Their goal is to get you to buy as much as possible with them all the time. And to throw out your old stuff and just use what they have. That's not the way we're promoting the shop," Laura says.

Instead, the Brightly Shop is focused on providing you with the information you need to make the most planet-friendly choices. And, helping you only purchase sustainable products you need. "We always encourage you to think twice, even when you're shopping with Brightly," Liza says.

Aside from vetting and testing every product that will be in the Brightly Shop, we also provide consumers with all the information they'll need—from the certifications a product has, to end-of-life instructions (like how to recycle a beauty product when you're finished with it).

Inspiration Behind the Podcast Content

"Do you come up with your podcast ideas by brainstorming what you would want to know, or do you research the hot topics of the week?" —Kathryn G., Massachusetts

A lot of the content you see (and hear) on the podcast is inspired by you! That's right, "Just like this—the questions that you submit to us—or the questions our community is discussing on Instagram, on TikTok, or on the Brightly app," says Liza.

Sometimes we're approached by, or seek out, experts to dive into important topics, and other times we're leveraging conversations and questions we personally have about living more sustainably. Because we all have questions and are on our own imperfect sustainability journeys. It's one of the reasons why "planet over perfection" became the Brightly tagline.

Eco-Friendly "Firsts"

"What was the first swap you both made to be more eco-friendly?" —Jocelynne Landry, BC

Thinking back to your very first eco swap might be hard to do, but there were some very specific memories that stood out for Laura and Liza.

For Laura, it was reducing her clothing consumption. She had a lot of clothing she didn't wear—or even like, for that matter—from her time working in the fashion department at Amazon. "I took a huge step back and I was like, I'm not gonna buy any more clothes. I'm gonna do a capsule wardrobe."

Liza was inspired by fair trade and a documentary on fast fashion. "You know, it started with fair trade and saying no to fast fashion after I watched The True Cost documentary," she says. "I started to tell myself I can survive without another jacket, another pair of jeans."

What Sets Brightly Apart

"What has been your favorite part of the Good Together podcast or Brightly in general?" —Danielle S., Pennsylvania

Brightly has grown from an idea to a platform that reaches millions. "We went from reaching a few really small and passionate people to now over 2 million people a day," she says. "It's just exciting that we're resonating with so many people that want to live more eco-friendly lives from a realistic standpoint, just like us."

Liza also loves the community aspect. "This is really what makes Brightly, Brightly. This is how and why we're so different from any other eco-friendly brands, media companies, or eco-friendly marketplaces," she says. "Any journey is much more fun and easier with someone else. And that's exactly what the Brightly community is here for."

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