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Brightly Shop Review: Scouts Test Our Bestselling Products

Curious about Brightly Shop products? Our Scouts tried some of our bestselling products, including our beeswax wraps and Fair Trade tee.

Written by
Asha Swann

One of our top priorities is to make shopping sustainably an easy, stress-free experience for conscious consumers. The Brightly Shop does exactly that: Every month, we drop new products that have been handpicked and vetted by the Brightly team, so you know you're getting high-quality and planet-friendly options.

While we feature products from brands we love (have you seen the rechargeable lighter and food huggers?), we have plenty of Brightly-exclusive options to add to your cart, too. If you're curious about some of our bestsellers, you're in luck: Some of our Scouts gave them a try and are giving you the inside scoop.

Brightly Bestsellers, Reviewed by Our Scouts

Beewax Wraps, $15 for 3

Beeswax wraps are a favorite in the sustainability community because of how well they replace single-use plastic wrap. Our beeswax wraps are made from organic cotton and coated in beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil. Not only are they long-lasting, but you can also compost them at the end of their life.

What Our Scouts Thought

These beeswax wraps aren't just sustainable—they're stylish, too. The design was created by Gabrielle Mandel of Supra Endura, so you won't find this unique look anywhere else. Use them for storing leftovers or adding a tight seal on top of any container.

  • "I absolutely love the fact that they replace needing to use plastic cling wrap. They do a great job of keeping food fresh and tightly sealed." —Rose Pass
  • "I like that they have many purposes. I can use them for cups, food storage, and fly protection!" —Katherine George
  • "I thought beeswax wraps could only be used for covering bowls, but I’ve learned you can use them for other things as well!" —Alexis Amundson

Our Planet Over Perfection tee basically summarizes our motto here at Brightly. This shirt is super cozy, is Fair Trade Certified, and is made with 100% organic cotton. What's not to love?

What Our Scouts Thought

You can pair this tee with a pair of jeans for a casual look, or dress it up with a cute blazer. Basically, it's so cute and cozy you'll never want to take it off.

  • "This is one of the best quality shirts I own! And the print on the shirt is very vibrant!" —Alexis Amundson
  • "This t-shirt made me realize how soft organic cotton is, and I'll be sure to work toward buying organic cotton when I buy clothing in the future!" —Shayna Demick

Just like the tees, these tote bags are the perfect way to show the world that you're a planet champion. Use this bag in place of a plastic bag to keep waste out of the landfill. Extra bonus: It's made from 100% Fair Trade cotton.

What Our Scouts Thought

Have you ever tried carrying your groceries home, only to realize the plastic bag handles are seconds away from snapping? Those days are gone with this cute tote.

  • "I like how stylish and roomy the tote bag is, and how it has a flat bottom so it can be used for groceries." —Shayna Demick
  • "I like the design and durability of the tote!" —Shelby Wolf

Swedish dishcloths make it easy to be low-waste in the kitchen. In fact, one dishcloth replaces 17 rolls—yes, really—of paper towels! They're also 100% biodegradable, so once you've used one up, you can compost it.

What Our Scouts Thought

Another reason why to make the switch to Swedish dishcloths: they have antimicrobial properties that keep them odor-free. Take that, kitchen sponges!

  • "I like how big the Swedish dishcloths are! I also like that Brightly partnered with an artist for the designs, helping her as a creative. I think it's very cool that you can use them instead of paper towels, and how you can easily throw them in the dishwasher or washing machine to clean them." —Shelby Wolf

(Disclaimer: We did not pay any of our Scouts to review these products, but they did receive the products for free. Join our Scouts Ambassador Program if you want the chance to participate in the future!)

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