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This Tool Prevents Your Leftover Avocado Half from Turning Brown

Sick of your avocado halves turning brown? These Avocado Huggers, now available in our September Product Drop, will keep them fresh for days.

Written by
Tehrene Firman

If you're anything like us, you have a complicated relationship with avocados. You love eating them and always have them on hand to make avocado butter, creamy chocolate pudding, and beyond. But you hate that anytime you can't finish the whole thing, the leftover half is bound to turn brown. That's where Avocado Huggers come in.

Keeping an avocado fresh for longer than .5 seconds is a true challenge. Once you cut it open and the flesh is exposed to oxygen, a chemical reaction takes place that causes browning to take place. While some people suggest wrapping the leftover avocado half in plastic wrap to keep it green, this reusable option is much better for the planet.

In our September Product Drop (which is open for one week, from September 6th to the 12th), you'll find a two-pack of eco-friendly Avocado Huggers for $12. Here's how it works—and why it's even better than plastic wrap: The silicone design flexes and folds over the avocado, creating an airtight seal that prevents food waste and keeps them fresh for longer. There's also an option for both small and large avocados to ensure the perfect fit.

After grabbing your avocado half from the fridge (even days later!), it will still look fresh and ready to devour. Then once you're done with it, simply pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. You'll never go back to plastic wrap ever again.