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7 Of The Most Affordable Sustainable Underwear

These sustainable, long-lasting options belong in your underwear drawer.

Written by
Giulia Lallas

Underwear is a must for everyone, so why not get yourself a pair of eco-friendly undies? Contrary to what you may think, sustainable underwear can be affordable despite its reputation as a luxury product.

Plus, investing a little more in a quality product like the ones below means you won't have to replace them as much. This means that in the long run, you'll save money and the environment. So check out our list of the seven most affordable eco-friendly underwear below.

Parade Play Thong


Parade is all about inclusivity as is illustrated through their diverse group of models and large size range in their clothing items (from XS to 3XL). They use recycled fabrics when they can and use all OEKO-TEX certified materials. This means that their products do not contain any harmful chemicals. Plus, their packaging is made out of corn starch, making it 100% compostable. Parade also donates 1% of its profits to Planned Parenthood and donates to the Yellowhammer Fund in Alabama as well.

Boody Classic Bikini
, $12


Boody is an Ecocert, OEKO-TEX, and FSC certified company. They are also PETA-approved vegan. They use organic bamboo and vegetable-based clothing ink to make their clothing items. On their website, they list out the exact amount of good they are doing in the following areas: miles of driving emissions avoided, days of LED bulb energy saved, gallons of drinking water saved, and acres of land farmed free from pesticides. Each item also has the previously listed categories, showing its individual impact.

Pact High Rise Hipster
, $12


Pact makes their clothing with organic cotton and is a Fair Trade certified company. They have numerous features in giants like Forbes, USA Today, and more. Plus, they use 100% recycled paperboard, 98% recycled cardboard boxes, and plastic bags that biodegrade when shipping items out. They also offset their carbon footprint and have a clothing donation program. You can send your old clothes to Pact who will then distribute them to nonprofits.

Warp + Weft BII - Bikini
, $12


Warp + Weft is a family-owned business that recycles 98% of their total water and use Dry Ozone technology to avoid bleaching. They source their TENCEL™, cotton, and lycra from the U.S. and their dyes from Europe. They make sure everyone has a size option and a price tag that works for them.

Knickey Mid-Rise Hipster
, $13


Knickey uses certified-organic cotton with no toxins, harmful chemicals, or carcinogens in their underwear. Their non-GMO cotton seeds are planted on an organic, Fair Trade farm in India. Plus, they are GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified. Knickey takes extreme care and consideration in making their underwear the safest they can to help women avoid getting yeast, vaginal, or bladder infections that often come from synthetic materials. Their underwear is also breathable to prevent bacteria from multiplying and incredibly soft to eliminate chafing.

Patagonia Sender Briefs
, $18


Patagonia is a Fair Trade certified company and a certified B-Corp. They also use recycled materials whenever they can and actively use their voice in the fight against climate change, asking you to do the same. They work with bluesign® technologies as well to approve chemicals, materials, processes, and products safe for workers, the environment, and customers.

Azura Bay Dolce Boyshort
, $25


Azura Bay is a female-owned brand carrier that only features brands that are Fair Trade certified or have transparent, ethical, and fair practices in their treatment of employees. Azura Bay uses 100% recycled boxes with FSC certified tissue paper in their shipments. They support brands that use eco-friendly fabrics and production processes. This particular pair of underwear is ethically made in Italy by a brand called Cosabella.