9 Creative Tofu Recipes to Try, from Fluffy Donuts to Drool-Worthy Lasagna

"You can turn tofu into anything! Here are some recipes for tofu donuts, lasagna, cookies, and more."

Tofu is arguably the most common source of plant-based protein. It’s also one of the most nutritious. It contains all nine amino acids and boasts 10 grams of protein per serving. Even better, it offers an array of vitamins and minerals: iron, calcium, manganese, selenium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, zinc and vitamin B1… just to name a few.

“Having one meatless meal per day, or one meatless day in a weekly, can help you to diversify your diet, add fiber, and include other sources of protein,” Camille Skoda, RDN, LD, told the Cleveland Clinic. “It’s made from the whole soybean—rather than an extract—and is considered a complete protein.”

While tofu may be a protein-rich blank canvas, without proper preparation and seasoning, it lacks flavor and texture. (So unless you’re a level 10 vegan, don’t attempt to eat it plain!) Fortunately, it’s as versatile in the kitchen as it is nutritionally. Here are nine tofu recipes that turn the humble protein into dishes you’ll want to keep on repeat.

9 Next-Level Tofu Recipes to Try

1. Chipotle Copycat Tofu Sofritas

tofu recipes
Photo: Eating Bird Food

Chipotle’s sofritas—a marinated and braised tofu dish—popularized plant-based alternatives at chain restaurants. While perfecting this spicy alternative to traditional taco meat may seem daunting, the recipe only takes 30 minutes to make (but is still packed with flavor).

2. Lemon Pepper Tofu Cutlets

tofu recipes
Photo: Plant Power Couple

Looking to elevate your summer salads? In two easy steps, you can have the perfect crispy cutlets that pair perfectly with salads or roasted vegetables.

3. Tofu Chicken Parm

Photo: Make It Dairy Free

Chicken parmesan is a classic comfort food, and this plant-based alternative—unlike most eggplant parms—gets the texture just right. Topped with melty vegan cheese, the dish pairs perfectly with pasta for a simple and kid-friendly meal.

4. Vegan Feta Cheese

Photo: The Hidden Veggies

For the fellow cheese lover, there’s no better snack than soft cheese with crackers or bread. This vegan feta achieves an authentic feta flavor with only a few simple ingredients. Charcuterie board, anyone?

5. Easy Tofu Donuts

tofu recipes
Photo: Contemplating Sweets

Yes, you read that correctly. Donuts. And this delicious fried donut recipe only calls for four ingredients. It’s so simple that you’ll have plenty of time to whip up the optional (or arguably non-optional) chocolate sauce.

6. Caesar Salad with Crispy Tofu Croutons

Photo: Food & Wine

This plant-based take on the classic Caesar salad uses tofu in two creative ways: crispy croutons and egg-free Caesar-style dressing. Sprinkle on some parmesan and you’ll have a delicious salad to enjoy for the rest of the summer.

7. Chocolate Chip Tofu Cookies

tofu recipes
Photo: Sugar, Spice, and Glitter

Most of us associate tofu with savory dishes, but tofu’s versatility lends itself to baking, too! Tofu’s texture makes the softest cookies. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these simple cookies and get the added bonus of tofu’s nutritional value.

8. Tofu Meatballs

tofu recipes
Photo: Munchyesta

Crispy, savory, and packed with flavor. It doesn’t get much better than that! Douse these tofu meatballs in BBQ sauce for the perfect appetizer, use them in a sandwich, or pair them with pasta. To top it all off, they’re ready in under 20 minutes.

9. Vegan Lasagna with Tofu Ricotta Cheese

Photo: The Glowing Fridge

This recipe takes a little extra time, but it’s worth the effort. While it’s packed with vegetables and tofu, it resembles traditional lasagna so well that you won’t know the difference. Oozing with layers of ricotta and tomato sauce, it’s sure to become one of your favorite comfort foods.

Now that you’ve tried some tofu recipes, check out these tempeh recipes—the other plant protein you need in your life. Or, try these meatless recipes you can make right on the grill.

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You can turn tofu into anything! Here are some recipes for tofu donuts, lasagna, cookies, and more.

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