Great News: Starbucks Is (Finally!) Bringing Back Reusable Cups

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"The wait is over! Find out the start date, discount, drive-through rules, and everything else you need to know."

Gone are the days of having to use a metal straw with a single-use plastic cup. Starbucks just announced it’s (finally!) allowing the use of reusable cups again starting June 22.

The company put a pause on personal reusables due to COVID-19 in March of last year, so this announcement comes as a breath of fresh air for sustainable Starbucks lovers. “Bringing back personal reusable cups is a key part of Starbucks ongoing commitment to reduce single-use cup waste and goal to reduce waste by 50 percent by 2030,” said Starbucks in a press release.

Do You Still Get a Discount?

On top of the return of reusables, the small discount that used to come with them pre-COVID will also be back. “Pre-COVID, 80 percent of beverages are enjoyed on the go. To encourage customers to choose reusable and reduce single-use cup waste, Starbucks will continue offering customers a $.10 discount on their beverage of choice,” the release reads.

Do You Need to Clean Your Own Cup?

With the reintroduction of personal cups, there also comes a few changes to cater to the ongoing pandemic. Baristas won’t be able to wash your reusable for you, so be sure to bring it to your coffee shop clean. After assessing your cup, they’ll put it into a ceramic mug with a handle so they can make your beverage contact-free. Once your drink is made, pick it up at the counter, put the lid back on, and you’re good to go.

Can You Use Reusable Cups in the Drive-Through?

There’s one downside to note: As of right now, Starbucks won’t be extending the use of personal reusable cups to the drive-thru, so you’ll have to get your eco-friendly cup of Joe in stores. Nevertheless, we couldn’t be more excited. Hopefully with the return of reusables, more people will be motivated to bring their own cups and sip their cookie butter lattes more sustainably.

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The wait is over! Find out the start date, discount, drive-through rules, and everything else you need to know.

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