7 Online Thrift Stores That’ll Level Up Your Secondhand Clothing Game

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"Online thrifting has grown exponentially during the pandemic. Here are some of the most popular secondhand retail spots you can shop from your phone. "

Shopping at online thrift stores for clothes is the perfect way to spice up your closet. They’re super affordable, allowing you to find the brands you love for a fraction of the price. They’re also great for pandemic life, as there’s no in-person visits required. But best of all, they’re great for the planet, keeping perfectly good clothes out of landfills.

Browsing online thrift stores for clothes gives you the same excitement as when you’re shopping in person: You never knowing what you’re going to find. One day you might spot a vintage Chanel jacket, and the next it could be your new go-to pair of mom jeans. There are so many cool, stylish options at unbeatable prices. Aside from being able to buy items, you can also use them to sell your old clothes.

Ready to level-up your secondhand clothing game? Here are our favorite online thrift stores for clothes that allow you to amp up your wardrobe in a totally sustainable way.

The Best Online Thrift Stores for Clothes

1. Depop

Photo: Depop/@emsswardrobe

Depop is all about uniqueness and creativity. And with YouTubers like Emma Chamberlain drawing attention to it by buying and selling items on it, the brand is gaining more and more traffic. The company laid out its detailed sustainability goals for 2021-2022, which includes running a low carbon business and using renewable energy. In addition, promoting diversity and inclusion is also really important to the company.

2. Poshmark

online thrift stores for clothes
Photo: Poshmark/@chante_allday

Poshmark is another top-notch online thrift shop for clothes and serves as a great tool for people looking to buy or sell used clothes of specific brands. The site has great clothing options for everyone, ranging from adults to kids to pets (how cute!). Another plus: The company provides “free authentication on luxury items” so you won’t get duped.

3. ThredUP

online thrift stores for clothes
Photo: ThredUP/@sameeybrina

ThredUP is a great place to find all the brands you know and love. (In fact, there are 36,000+!) It’s also home to collections made in partnership with brands like Amour Vert. You’ll find sections for maternity, plus-size, and junior clothing, and there are even sales and rescue sections for items that have been on the site for a while and are still looking for a forever home. 

Another fun feature: If you don’t want to browse, you can get a personalized box catered to your style through the goody box choice. There’s also a “Style Icons” page where you can shop handpicked stylist items.

4. Mercari

online thrift stores for clothes
Photo: Mercari/@kiranjmeghani

Mercari works in a similar way to Poshmark: You can either shop, or take pictures of your unwanted items and sell them. The difference is that Mercari has a larger list of categories. There’s a vintage section, a beauty section, and even a handmade section broken down into various categories.

5. Facebook Marketplace

online thrift stores for clothes
Photo: Facebook Marketplace/@edwinaseselja

Facebook Marketplace is a great way to shop secondhand clothing (and, well, pretty much anything else you want!), both in your area and afar thanks to a shipping option. It’s really easy to search for what you want. And if you’re hoping to find something specific, you can create an alert so you’ll see it as soon as it goes up.

6. Patagonia Worn Wear

Photo: Patagonia/@blakemccordphot

Patagonia’s Worn Wear shop has a simple mission: keeping your gear in play and out of landfills. On the site, you’ll find two collections: the ReCrafted Collection and the Seconds Collection. The ReCrafted collection is made by recycling unwanted clothes, while the Seconds collection consists of items that Patagonia receives but cannot sell due to a slight imperfection like a loose thread. You’ll find perfectly good products for a fraction of the cost.

7. Goodfair

Photo: Goodfair/@thatssoaddy

Goodfair is super unique in that it sells bundles. These bundles include a mix of semi-random, secondhand clothing items. We say semi-random because you can choose the bundle you want based on the items in it, but the actual look of the items is disguised until you receive your bundle. Good Fair also has a vintage section. Plus, each item shows the amount of water, carbon, and money saved by not shopping fast fashion.

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Online thrifting has grown exponentially during the pandemic. Here are some of the most popular secondhand retail spots you can shop from your phone.

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