6 Simple Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Using Heat

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"Want to avoid heat damage to your hair while also being mindful of the environment? Try these heatless curl hacks! "

Many of us use tools like curling irons, blow dryers, and flat irons every time we style our hair. But what we forget is that even though these tools are small, their energy consumption adds up. Hairdryers, for example, require 600 watts of electricity to run for 30 minutes. In comparison, a refrigerator requires 500 watts of electricity for the same time period.

While our use of hair styling tools doesn’t have nearly as big of an impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions as, say, cutting down on how much meat we’re eating, learning how to style your hair without heat can benefit the planet, your electricity bill, and your hair. And if you’re looking for heatless curls methods to get the job done, you’re in luck: there are a few simple ways to go about it.

One technique that’s been trending on TikTok is #bathrobecurls, a heatless way to curl your hair using the rope from your bathrobe (aka a great way to upcycle your bathrobe tie!). There are also plenty of other tricks to get heatless curls, including using household items like socks, scrunchies, and hair ties.

Using these heatless curls techniques can do wonders for your hair: According to Dyson, temperatures over 300 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to weaker hair that becomes more prone to damage. So, the next time you’re wanting heat-free waves, check out these sustainable styling hacks that are totally worth trying. Your hair and the planet will thank you for it.

6 Simple Ways to Get Heatless Curls

1. Bathrobe Curls

To create these bouncy heatless curls, place the belt from your robe on top of your head and center it so it’s even on both sides. Then, divide your hair into two sections and wrap each section of hair around the bathrobe tie in circles, gathering more hair as you go.

Repeat the process until you get to the end, then secure each side with a hair tie or a clip. For best results, leave it in overnight and wake up with gorgeous, curly locks.

2. Over-the-Knee Sock or Stockings Curls

If you want smaller, tighter curls, use an over-the-knee sock or stockings as your base. This method requires the same technique as robe curls and should be done with dry hair. You can prep your hair with texture spray or hairspray for extra hold and volume.

3. Heatless Waves Using Socks or Fabric

Socks and pieces of fabric make really great heatless curlers! First, add a leave-in conditioner for texture and moisture. Then, divide your hair into sections and take turns wrapping your hair around the sock or piece of fabric as you normally would while using a curling iron. When you’re finished, sleep on it! You’ll have perfect heatless curls in the morning.

4. Heatless Curls Using Satin Scarves

Similar to the previous tricks using socks or a bathrobe belt, you can create natural, heatless curls using two satin scarves. Use the same technique of gathering hair little by little and wrapping it tightly around the scarf. Then, wrap the scarves into two loose buns on either side of your head and leave them in overnight for the best results.

5. No-Heat Defined Curls

This tutorial shows a great way to get better-defined curls and volume. Starting with wet hair, divide it into small sections. Then, divide each section into two more sections and wrap the two pieces into opposite directions over the sock in a criss-cross pattern.

When you’ve finished, secure the bottom with hair ties. You can then cover your hair with a silk scarf and hair bonnet to protect the curls while you sleep. In the morning, be prepared to style!

6. French Braids for Beachy Waves


my go to hairstyle for no heat curls using my favorite @coco_and_eve products #cocoandeve #ad 🌸🌿

♬ More Than A Woman – From “Saturday Night Fever” Soundtrack – Bee Gees

This final hairstyle works best on 50-60% dry hair (if you have thick hair or have difficulty drying your hair fast, wait until it’s 70-80% dry). Then, separate your hair into two sections and French braid each side.

Leave the braids in overnight or wait for them to be completely dry before taking the braids out. When it’s time to style, your hair will have effortlessly tousled beach waves!

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Want to avoid heat damage to your hair while also being mindful of the environment? Try these heatless curl hacks!

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