Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

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"I thought you would enjoy my latest take on the below. Enjoy!"

February 14, 2021. You’ve promised your significant other a romantic outing, or maybe a lazy day in. Whatever it may be, you need to impress them with your interior design skills. But how can you maintain an eco-friendly track record while doing your best to embody the charming lead from your favorite rom-com? We’ve got you. 

1. Sustainable Confetti (Ecofetti)

different types of confetti scattered on the floor

Sustainable  confetti options like ecofetti are the new craze these days in eco-friendly decor. Biodegradable, water soluble, and environmentally friendly, the rice-like confetti is perfect for your stress-free Valentine’s Day plans. Made from brown cornstarch, ecofetti also comes in an array of colors, from “watermelon” red to “seafoam” blue-green. 

As many event planners may know, confetti is anything but environmentally friendly. Conventional plastic confetti can be swept by rainfall into storm drains, and infiltrate local water sources. It can even harm aquatic life if an innocent sea turtle happens to mistake it for a nice meal. So how water soluble is ecofetti? Well, most colors of ecofetti are gone after a bit of raking and 5-10 hours of heavy rain, while “snow white” ecofetti can disintegrate within 3-5 hours. 

According to the website, each compostable bag (shipped in recycled boxes!) contains 9 cups, or around 100 tablespoons, of ecofetti. And if you really want, you can also get a 12″ x 12″ x 12″ bulk box of loose ecofetti, roughly 168 bags, for a total of $223.95. Sounds like a deal to us!

If you’re looking for other options for sustainable confetti, also check out this handmade leaf confetti or these rose petals for more inspiration.  

2. Plants or Sustainable Flowers

green plant in brown pot

I’m sure you’ve met plant moms before. These are people who are obsessed with plants. They nurture and tend to them, carefully trimming branches and watering roots. They show you pictures of their plants like new parents bragging about their kids. Why, you may ask? 

Because plants are nice. They take in CO2 and release oxygen, constantly eliminating harmful toxins from the air. According to NASA, houseplants can remove up to 87% of toxins in indoor environments within a single day. They also make for nice, elegant decoration pieces that instantly elevate the overall “feel” of a room.

Additionally, they are great mood-boosters. Just seeing plants can promote feelings of relaxation and tranquility while increasing creativity. Ready to woo your Valentine with a spontaneous sonnet for the perfect, romantic mood? Just get a pothos plant!

If you’re looking to go more traditional with decor, flowers are always an option. Don’t forget to source ethical + sustainable options!

3. Heart-Shaped Decor

a wooden cheese board with pretzels, crostini, grapes, nuts, and fig jam on top

Search “eco party” on Etsy and you’ll find so many things you never thought you needed. Biodegradable balloons. Plantable seed paper with an adorable bee print. So how could we resist this wooden heart-shaped cheese board? It’s Valentine’s Day. And obviously, we deserve to treat ourselves and our loved ones. 

The general thought process behind this somewhat ridiculous item is that the most important thing is to adjust your mindset from disposable to reusable. In the US, each person generates an average of 4.9 pounds of municipal solid waste per day. Unlike a disposable plastic platter, or even a paper one, a wooden cheese board can be reused again and again without contributing to this gigantic amount of waste. Plus, this cheese board supports a sustainable meal that’s perfect for an intimate conversation. Make romantic charcuterie boards a couple’s tradition! Showcase your latest culinary feats! Seriously. Normalize heart-shaped cheese boards for everybody. 

4. An Upcycled Valentine’s Day Wreath

an upcycled wreath made from playing cards hanging on a door
Source: Refresh Living

The UN estimates that every day, around 8 million pieces of plastic enter the ocean, endangering wildlife and disrupting precariously balanced ecosystems. Valentine’s Day decorations like those heart-shaped wreaths, packaging plastic, and garlands are all a part of the problem. 

However, this wreath from Refresh Living aims to be the solution. Made from a deck of old playing cards, the wreath just takes a few minutes to wrangle together. With some cardboard, some glue, and your trusty X-ACTO knife, you too can become a thrifty DIY-er! Or, take inspiration from this and make other Valentine’s decorations from sticks, unused scraps of fabric, magazine paper, or even cookie cutters! 

Have more tips for a green Valentine’s Day? Become a Brightly ambassador and let us know! And if you’re interested in our sustainable Valentine’s Day gift guide, click here.

I thought you would enjoy my latest take on the below. Enjoy!

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