Ditch the Plastic Confetti and Use This TikTok Famous Wildflower Seed Version Instead

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"Confetti seems harmless, but it wreaks havoc on the environment *and* wildlife. Here are some sustainable alternatives to try instead."

It’s easy to see why confetti has become such a staple at birthday parties, gender reveals, weddings, and just about every other celebration you can think of. But, how eco-friendly is it?

While popping a confetti canon and watching those colorful flakes fly through the sky might spark joy, there are so many reasons why to opt for a more sustainable alternative instead.

The Environmental Impact of Confetti

Confetti may be small, but using it can have big consequences. Traditional confetti—the kind you’ll find at most stores and online—is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other plastics. According to experts, it can take 1,000 years to break down, meaning that quick burst of fun can leave an impact on the planet for a really long time.

Confetti isn’t just polluting the environment—it’s also harming wildlife. Animals may be attracted to the shine that comes off the plastic pieces and wind up eating it. It can also end up in rivers and oceans, putting fish and other marine life at risk. According to National Geographic, when these little pieces of plastic collect in an animal’s stomach, it can cause them to die of starvation.

So every time someone is using traditional confetti at an event, they’re really just throwing microplastics into the environment. Yikes.

A Sustainable Solution

Recently, one of our TikTok videos went viral (follow us here!) where we showcased an eco-friendly alternative to regular confetti. Aside from being just as fun as the not-so-sustainable stuff, every pop also plants flowers.

This popper by Fredericks & Mae is filled with wildflower seed paper, which is embedded with seeds that bloom when they reach the soil. Each popper includes three different types of seeds: Black-eyed Susan seeds, cockscomb seeds, and sesame seeds. Before buying a popper, just be sure those wildflowers are native to your area.


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♬ DAYDREAM – Jane’s Party

If you’re looking for other sustainable alternatives, you can also take on a little DIY project. Leaf confetti is super easy to make, inexpensive, and totally planet-friendly. If you have a big event coming up, you could even invite some friends over to help speed up the process. Here’s how it’s done.

How to Make Leaf Confetti

What You’ll Need:
Hole punch


1. Collect your leaves off the ground. Try to find many different colors.
2. Use a hole punch to punch confetti out of your leaves.
3. Collect your confetti in a container.
4. Use it whenever the opportunity strikes!

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Confetti seems harmless, but it wreaks havoc on the environment *and* wildlife. Here are some sustainable alternatives to try instead.

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