Chipotle Is Testing a Plant-Based Chorizo—Here’s Where to Find It

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"After seven years, Chipotle is trialing another plant-based protein!"

Plant-based eaters rejoice! After seven long years, Chipotle is adding another plant-based protein to the mix.

The company is currently testing its own chorizo in two cities—Denver and Indianapolis. It chose to bypass other meat alternative giants in favor of creating its own. (That’s right, no Beyond Meat or Impossible Meat… yet!) Here’s everything we know so far.

What Is the Plant-Based Chorizo Made Of?

Chipotle’s plant-based chorizo—which has been in development over the past year—is a natural protein source, derived from freshly-grown peas. It’s loaded with flavor, as it’s seasoned with ancho and chipotle pepper, tomato, garlic, smoked paprika, and extra virgin olive oil.

With its pea base, the chorizo is loaded with protein, coming in at 20 grams of protein per serving. Better yet, it’s certified vegan and dairy-, grain-, gluten-, and soy-free, making it an option many people can enjoy.

chipotle plant-based chorizo

When Can You Get Your Hands On It?

Before you get too excited, this is currently only being trialed. Chipotle is using its “stage-gate process”—a method of listening, learning, and testing out new items with consumers—before introducing the menu item nationwide.

This isn’t the first time the company has slowly introduced new creations. Other menu favorites—such as the popular carne asada, cauliflower rice, and even the quesadilla—started out as trials, too.

What to Order While You Wait

Are you craving a Chipotle bowl with a delicious plant-based alternative? While you’re waiting for the chorizo to hit menus nationwide, you can enjoy another plant-based alternative: sofritas, Chipotle’s spicy tofu creation. Pair it with some rice, beans, veggies, and your toppings of choice, and you’ll have a mouth-watering dish that’s sure to satisfy.

Seeing more and more companies continue to experiment with planet-friendly options makes our taste buds (and hearts) happy. With this many at our fingertips, only one question remains: What do we try first?

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After seven years, Chipotle is trialing another plant-based protein!

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