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are gorillas endangered
Are Gorillas Endangered in 2023?
Great apes are one of our closest living relatives, but are gorillas endangered? Here's what's putting the mighty primate at risk.
rewilding animals
New Study Says Rewilding Animals Could Help the Climate
Trophic rewilding helps to restore biodiversity in ecosystems, leading to more robust carbon sequestration in plants and animals alike.
tumbleweeds environmental problem
Tumbleweeds Are a Surprising Problem for the Planet—Here's Why
Tumbleweeds are an invasive plant species that can contribute to a number of environmental problems. Here's what you should know.
are elephants endangered
Are Elephants Endangered in 2023?
They may be one of the strongest animals on Earth, but are elephants endangered? Here's what you need to know.
ugly animals
8 of the World's Ugliest Animals for a Reminder That Earth Is Wonderfully Weird
Ugly animals need love too. In fact, paying extra attention to less appealing wildlife may be the key to protecting them.
are sea turtles endangered
Are Sea Turtles Endangered?
Sea turtles aren't just majestic, they're also vital to the health of the planet's coastal and marine ecosystems. But are sea turtles endangered, and which species are most at risk?
orca pilot whale
Just Keep Swimming: An Orca Was Spotted Caring for a Pilot Whale Calf for the First Time
According to a recent study, an orca mother has been spotted caring for a baby pilot whale off the coast of Iceland.
canadian super pig
The Invasive Canadian 'Super Pig' Is Coming to the U.S.—and It Could Cause Major Ecological Damage
An invasive (and elusive) invasive Canadian "super pig" may soon make its way across the U.S. border. Here's how that could impact the environment.
8 Most Invasive Species in North America and Their Startling Effects
Which invasive species are causing the most harm in the United States? Here are the most common to know about, from insects to plants.
unusual animal friends
12 Unusual Animal Friends, Including the Capybara and Crocodile
Some wildlife pairings are stranger (and cuter!) than others. These unusual animal friends prove that nature is all about organized chaos.
are manatees endangered in 2023
Are Manatees Endangered? Here's What's Putting Them at Risk
Once mistaken for mermaids, manatees are some of the most mythical mammals around. Here's what you need to know about the sea cows—and the threats to their ecosystem.
animals climate change
Which Animals Are Most Likely to Survive Climate Change? This Study Provides Predictions
New research says that protecting ecological biodiversity rather than single species is the key to avoiding mass extinction.
facts about groundhogs
7 Facts About Groundhogs You Should Know
Groundhogs should be celebrated beyond Groundhog Day. Here are some groundhog facts you should know, including how they better the planet.
cutest animals in the world
13 Cutest Animals in the World You Have to See to Believe
Need a reason to smile? The cutest animals in the world are here to provide the ultimate mood boost.
the biggest insects in the world
11 of the Biggest Insects in the World That Will Take Your Love of Nature to the Next Level
We like big bugs. The world's biggest insects include giant butterflies, beetles, and stick insects.
antarctica wildlife
65% of All Antarctic Wildlife Could Disappear by 2100—Here's How You Can Help
A new study finds wildlife in Antarctica will experience a rapid decline in the coming decades. Here's what you need to know.
pygmy hippo born at virginia zoo
A Hippopotamus for Christmas? It's a Reality at This Virginia Zoo
A female pygmy hippo was born at Metro Richmond Zoo in Moseley, Virginia, earlier this month.
laziest animals
7 of the Laziest Animals to Inspire Your Seasonal Slow Down
The winter months may be chaotic, but they also offer some time to chill out. Here are some of the world's laziest animals to help inspire you to do less.
octopus throws things study
Study Finds That the Gloomy Octopus Likes to Throw Things
A new study shows that one species of octopus tosses debris, sometimes at members of their own species and other fish.
animals that hibernate
6 Animals That Hibernate During the Winter
Winter's chill makes us all want to cozy up for a big nap. Here are six animals that survive the year's more brutal months through hibernation or similar states of dormancy.
do bees have feelings and play
New Study Finds Bumblebees Play—and Have Feelings
A recent study found bumblebees engaging in voluntary play—and enjoying it. Here's what you need to know.
study silent animals communicate
New Study Finds Dozens of Animals Thought to Be Silent Communicate With Sound
New research found 53 species previously thought mute communicate through acoustics. The study challenges assumptions about the origins of communication.
wwf report wildlife populations drop
Wildlife Populations Have Decreased by 69%—Here's How You Can Help
The Living Planet Report 2022 from WWF issues a "code red" for the planet. Here's what you can do to help.
alaskan snow crab season canceled
One Billion Snow Crabs Have Disappeared From the Bearing Sea
The snow crab population in the Bering Sea has decreased by one billion, causing Alaskan officials to cancel the fishing season for the first time in the state's history. Here's what you need to know.
wax worm saliva study
New Study Reveals That Wax Worm Saliva Degrades Plastic
Can caterpillar spit save the planet? New study reveals wax worm saliva contains enzymes that mitigate plastic pollution.
It’s Freakin’ Bats How Much the Spooky Mammal Benefits the Planet—Here Are 4 Ways to Help Them
Did you know bats have contributed up to $53 billion a year to agriculture by eating insects? Here's how to help the bats in your own backyard.
What Are Monotremes? 5 Mammals That Lay Eggs
Here's everything you need to know about monotremes, a small group of mammals that lay eggs including the platypus and echidna.
The Axis Deer Is Wreaking Havoc on Hawaii's Ecology
The invasive axis deer is causing ecological issues in Hawaii and recently prompted an emergency proclamation from the state's governor.
8 Peacock Facts That Will Change How You See the Bird
Peacock facts to rattle off at parties (the group term for peacocks)—and to inspire further appreciation of the beautiful bird.
The Dugong Sea Cow Is Going Extinct — Here’s What You Should Know
A new study says the dugong sea cow is extinct in Chinese waters. Here's what you should know about the gentle marine mammal.
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