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7 of the Laziest Animals to Inspire Your Seasonal Slow Down

The winter months may be chaotic, but they also offer some time to chill out. Here are some of the world's laziest animals to help inspire you to do less.

laziest animals
Written by
Samantha Bailon
Winter is a
time of dormancy
for plants and
alike—and that includes you. If rest seems like a tough ask, the world's laziest animals provide endless inspiration, all without much effort (naturally).
Whether the snow locks you indoors or you’re just in need of a moment to recharge and soak up some family time, rest is the key to showing up as your best self. By choosing to incorporate more downtime in December, you can
improve your mental health
, boost your immunity, and reduce unwanted stress for both you and your loved ones.
So return to a state of homeostasis and prepare for a restful new year. Here's exactly how to get the job done (or not) courtesy of critters who know a thing or two about the art of doing nothing.

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7 of the World's Laziest Animals

1. Sloth

laziest animals
No one understands sloth like the
itself. Notoriously known for their slow-motion movements, sloths spend an average of 15 hours per day asleep. This means that they only spend about nine hours a day pondering food, or the next shady place where they'll find respite from their hectic schedules. 

2. Giant Panda

Panda bears love to play, eat, and sleep. They spend an average of 12 hours a day asleep to accommodate for their very low energy expenditure but very high intake of food, at least 44 pounds a day mostly of bamboo which contains little nutrients. (Sounds like holiday mode to us!)
Physically, panda’s have
under-active thyroid glands
that contribute to their tiredness, slow movements, and weight gain—so you can’t blame them for wanting to spend their days in deep slumber. 

3. Lemurs

There are more than 100 species of
residing in Madagascar, the only natural place they call home. Lemurs are silly but docile creatures that spend roughly 16 hours a day asleep. Once up, lemurs rummage around the trees eating fruit, leaves, and small insects, typically working alone. But once it's time to go back to bed, they form pods by
huddling together

4. Koalas

laziest animals
are not only extremely cute, they're smart, too! The marsupials know how to listen to their bodies and can dive into a deep sleep for an average of 22 hours a day. Koalas snack on eucalyptus leaves, which aren't high in nutrients—the abundant rest makes this diet possible. Let the koala be your seasonal mascot.

5. Hamsters

laziest animals
These little fur balls simply don’t like daylight. They are naturally
, meaning they're most active at night, though they can adapt to their surroundings if necessary.
In the wild, though, hampsters spend most of their time underground to avoid predators, only moving above ground to hunt for seeds and fruit. Hampsters spend about 14 hours per day asleep but are very mission-oriented when awake, qualities that make for more worthy inspo.

6. Hippopotamus

are giant sleepy creatures who spend up to 16 hours per day snoozing whilst submerged in water. Their favorite meal is grass which makes for a nice and simple lifestyle, and the animal can even sleep underwater for up to
30 minutes
—a very impressive party trick. 

7. Tiger 

laziest animals
makes for a surprising addition to the lazy list. They spend an average of 18 hours per day sleeping despite their hearty diets, but this hustler needs its downtime. It takes a lot of energy to make a kill, and most attempts are failures—usually, it takes about 8-10 tries to get a meal. So even if you’re a go-go-go type, take a cue from this cat and prioritize rest.