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diy sugar scrub recipe
How to Make DIY Sugar Scrub at Home—Plus, 5 Fun Ideas to Try
Making your own self-care products eliminates unnecessary packaging and chemicals while saving you money. This sugar scrub recipe makes crafting your own sweet and easy.
awe walk
Discovering Awe: How 'Awe Walks' Bring You Closer to Nature
Discover "awe walks"—a trend that helps you foster a connection with nature and enhances your well-being. Learn how to incorporate an awe walk into your daily routine.
sustainable sleep
Good Sleep Hygiene Is a Foundation of Conscious Living—and Sustainable Sleep Is on the Rise
Getting a good night's sleep is an important part of being a mindful person. From sunrise alarms to green noise, these sustainable sleep trends are on the rise.
sustainable crystals
Are Healing Crystals Sustainable? Here's What You Need to Know
Healing crystals may be pretty (and perhaps even powerful), but the industry's popularity is far from sustainable. Here's why you should rethink the self-care tool.
self-care tips
5 Self-Care Tips Everyone Needs, From a Mental Health Coach
Stress can crop up at any time of year. Mental health coach Julie Geeting of PALM Health has some self-care tips that will help.
mini meditations and mantras
Mini-Meditations and Mantras Are the Quick Calming Hack You Need
Mini-meditations and mantras are trending. Here's how they can help quiet your mind (and calm your climate anxiety).
sustainable wellness tips
5 Ways Living 'Sustainably Well' Brings the Planet Into Your Wellness Routine
We're partnering with Well+Good to talk all things 'Sustainably Well.' Here are five wellness tips to help make your routine more planet-friendly.
breathwork benefits
How Breathwork Can Help Ease Your Climate Anxiety
Combatting climate anxiety? Breathwork is the easy and active answer.
self-care gifts
15 Sustainable Self-Care Gifts to Help Your Loved Ones Wind Down
Looking for presents that promote relaxation? These sustainable self-care gifts will help your loved ones chill out.
Climate Calm: The Benefits of Sound Baths and Frequency Healing
Frequency healing has seen a rise in popularity in recent years. But what exactly is a sound bath? Here's what to expect.
How Your 'Hot Girl Walk' Benefits You and the Planet
From slowing down to staying (and shopping) local, the Hot Girl Walk trend is a study in accessible sustainability.
Bringing the Outside In: Indoor Gardening and Biophilic Furniture Are Trending
More people are starting to bring the outside in, whether it's using new tech for an indoor garden or creating biophilic furniture.
Why Your Clean Beauty Routine Makes A Difference with Tiila Abbitt of Aether Beauty
What does 'clean beauty' mean, and why should we care about the ingredients that we’re putting on our faces every day?