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How Manduka Is Making Sustainable Strides in the Yoga Industry
In terms of mindfulness, conscious consumerism and practicing yoga go hand in hand. This week, we're joined by Pamela Levine and Christian Regester to discuss the sustainability of yoga and how their company, Manduka, is working on solutions that are better for your practice and the planet.
veguary black history month
The Afro-Vegan Society's 'Veguary' Is a Celebration of Plant-Based Eating and Black History
We may be nearing mid-February, but that doesn't mean you should miss out on Veguary! Here's what you should know about the initiative, which marks Black History Month, promotes veganism, and honors plant-based traditions in the African Diaspora.
do you have to be vegan to be sustainable
Do You Have to Be Vegan to Be Sustainable?
The short answer is no. The longer answer is that with mindful habits—and more plant-based choices—any diet can be sustainable.
Remy Park Wants Your Vegan Lifestyle to Feel Creative and Fun
Remy Park's plant-based recipes are designed to make a vegan lifestyle feel accessible, creative, and fun.
For Chef Nisha Vora, the Switch to a Plant-Based Diet Is All About Small Wins
Plant-based chef Nisha Vora shares her thoughts on the switch to a greener diet, along with tips to make the journey a tasty one.
The Impact of Avocados: How Sustainable Is the Fruit?
Avocados have a surprising environmental impact. Here's everything you should know before stocking up on the trendy fruit.
The 5 Best High-Protein Vegan Foods, According to an RD
A registered dietitian shared five high-protein vegan foods worth adding to your plate. Here's what to grab during your next grocery run.
7 Sustainable Living Myths and Misconceptions, Debunked
There are many sustainable living myths and misconceptions that can prevent people from taking steps to better the planet. Here's the truth.
Alicia Silverstone's Tips for Eating a More Plant-Based Diet
We interviewed 'Clueless' star Alicia Silverstone about plant-based eating, her vitamin line, and how to live more sustainably.
7 RD-Approved Vegan Swaps That Make Cooking Easy
Making your favorite meals plant-based is easy with these vegan swaps. Here are seven swaps a registered dietitian loves.
5 Tips That Make Plant-Based Eating Easy and Fun
A new survey found people around the world are skeptical toward plant-based diets, but these tips make cooking meatless meals easy and fun.