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chickpea recipes
11 Chickpea Recipes to Try, From Vegan Chicken Nuggets to Brownies
Chickpeas aren't just for making hummus. Here are some creative chickpea recipes to try, from vegan "chicken" nuggets to brownies.
cauliflower alfredo sauce
Have Cauliflower That’s About to Go Bad? Use It in This Vegan Alfredo Sauce
This creamy and delicious cauliflower Alfredo sauce recipe is a great way to use up the nearly-bad produce in your fridge.
17 Vegetarian Air Fryer Recipes to Try, From Jackfruit Taquitos to French Toast Sticks
These vegetarian air fryer recipes are delicious and good for the planet. Here's how to make cauliflower wings, avocado fries, and beyond.
tofu recipes
11 Tofu Recipes to Try, From Chocolate Silk Pie to Lasagna
These tofu recipes prove you can turn the plant-based protein into anything. You'll find tofu donuts, lasagna, cookies, and more.
plant-based cindo de mayo recipes
17 Delicious Planet-Friendly Recipes to Make for Cinco de Mayo
Eco-friendly Mexican recipes, coming right up. Here are the most delicious options to make for Cinco de Mayo, from enchiladas to nachos.
mother's day brunch recipes
13 Vegetarian and Vegan Mother's Day Brunch Recipes That Are Sure to Impress
Make your mom feel extra special by whipping up some of these Mother's Day brunch recipes. There's pancakes, breakfast tacos, and more.
vegan chicken recipe
Vegan Chicken: What It's Made Of, How to Make It, and Brands to Try
Meatless meals just got easier with vegan chicken. Here's what it's made of, brands to try, and a vegan chicken recipe to make at home.
vegan snickers recipe
Craving Snickers? Grab a Banana and Make This 4-Ingredient Vegan Version
You can make your own vegan Snickers with four simple ingredients. Here's everything you need for the plant-based dessert.
23 Vegan Appetizer Recipes That Reduce Your Environmental Impact
From veggie dumplings to sheet pan nachos, these vegan appetizers will make your party platter tastier—and more planet-friendly—than ever before.
13 Sustainable Chocolate Recipes Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Including Vegan Donuts
These chocolate recipes will make your tummy (and the planet) happy this Valentine's Day, and every day. Guaranteed.
How to Make a Delicious and Sustainable Valentine's Day Meal
Love Valentine's Day and going all out for sustainable swaps? Here's how to make sustainable Valentine's Day meals from start to finish.
max la manna stir fry
Max La Manna’s Vegan Tofu Noodle Stir Fry Will Become Your Favorite Weeknight Dinner
Max La Manna’s vegan stir fry recipe is sure to be the perfect solution for a quick weeknight dinner. Here's exactly how to make it.
vegan tuna recipe
This Vegan 'Tuna' Recipe Utilizes a Surprising Ingredient
You can make vegan tuna using—wait for it—a watermelon. This simple recipe can be used for sushi, poké bowls, and beyond.
vegan jackfruit recipes
19 Jackfruit Recipes to Try for Delicious Meatless Meals
In need of a tasty meatless swap? From vegan fried chicken to pulled "pork," these jackfruit recipes definitely won't disappoint.
The Environmental Impact of an Average Christmas Dinner
Want to know the environmental impact of Christmas dinner? Here's the carbon footprint of the meal and how to make it more sustainable.
12 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes to Try This Year
Incorporate these vegan Thanksgiving recipes into your holiday spread this year. Find mains, sides, and sweet desserts.
10 Pumpkin Recipes to Try, From Vegan Alfredo to Cinnamon Rolls
Don't toss out those pumpkin guts! Reduce waste by using leftovers in these pumpkin recipes. (Alfredo and cinnamon rolls, included!)
8 Pumpkin Seed Recipes Perfect for Fall—Cookies, Pesto Pasta, and More
Instead of tossing your leftover pumpkin seeds, use them in these mouth-watering pumpkin seed recipes. They're delicious *and* reduce waste!
6 Vegan Turkey Alternatives for Thanksgiving 2022
Looking for vegan turkey alternatives for Thanksgiving? Here are six eco-friendly options recommended by a registered dietitian.
Butter Boards Are the New Charcuterie Boards—Here’s How to Make One Sustainably
A new entertaining trend has emerged ahead of the holidays: the butter board. Here's how to make one sustainably.
This Vegan Chicken Nuggets Recipe Is Harry Styles-Approved
This vegan chicken nuggets recipe offers a plant-based take that vegetarian Harry Styles would approve of.
How to Make Vegan Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew
Here's how to make vegan pumpkin cream cold brew—the ultimate way to get a taste of fall despite the late summer heat.
For Chef Nisha Vora, the Switch to a Plant-Based Diet Is All About Small Wins
Plant-based chef Nisha Vora shares her thoughts on the switch to a greener diet, along with tips to make the journey a tasty one.
Try Tracy Anderson's Vegan Spaghetti Squash with Creamy Mushrooms Recipe
Tracy Anderson's vegan spaghetti squash with creamy mushrooms recipe is just as good for you as it is for the planet. Here's how to make it.
How to Make Hailey Bieber's $17 Erewhon Smoothie at Home
Don't want to pay $17 for Hailey Bieber's famous Erewhon smoothie? Here's how to make a planet-friendly version right at home.
Use This Recipe to Turn Your Leftover Broccoli Stems Into Delicious Fritters
Here's how to make delicious broccoli fritters with leftover broccoli stems. Not only are they delicious, but they also reduce food waste.
How to Make Gluten-Free Oat Tortillas With Two Simple Ingredients
Did you know you can make your own oat tortillas with two simple ingredients? Here's the only recipe you'll need.
Max La Manna's Vegan BLT Uses a Surprising Ingredient—Banana Peels
Max La Manna shared his delicious vegan BLT recipe. In it, he uses a surprising ingredient that reduces food waste: banana peels.
Max La Manna Is Turning Millions Into Planet-Conscious Cooks
Sustainable cooking is more accessible than ever. Chef Max La Manna talks low-waste recipes, plant-based cooking, and more.
15 Vegetarian Grill Recipes That Make Swapping Meat Easy
Want some meatless swaps for BBQ season? These vegetarian grill recipes are must-tries, from rainbow veggie skewers to tempeh ribs.
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