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How to Recycle and Reduce Your Use of Each Type of Plastic
There are seven types of plastic. Here's everything you should know about each, from recycling guidelines to reducing your consumption.
tinder fungus could replace plastics
New Study Says That Tinder Fungus Could Replace Plastics
Research suggests that the composition of tinder fungus, rather than the fungus itself, could offer inspiration as we develop lightweight alternatives to plastic.
what are pfas
What Are PFAS? Everything You Need to Know About the 'Forever Chemicals'
PFAS are in everything, from packaging to our water supply to our bloodstreams. But what are PFAS, and how do they affect our planet?
liquid plastics
What Are Liquid Plastics—and Why Are They in So Many Beauty Products?
There's a (not so) new problematic plastic in town. Here's what to know about liquid plastics—and how to avoid them.
larq pitcher purevis review
Meet the Pitcher That Made Me Give Up Plastic Water Bottles for Good
Is LARQ's Pitcher PureVis worth the investment? Read on to learn about the filtration and purification system's pros and cons.
wax worm saliva study
New Study Reveals That Wax Worm Saliva Degrades Plastic
Can caterpillar spit save the planet? New study reveals wax worm saliva contains enzymes that mitigate plastic pollution.
California’s New Law Phases Out Single-Use Plastics—Here’s How That Benefits the Entire Country
California just passed a new law that's phasing out single-use plastics. Here's how that will benefit the entire United States.
What Are Ecobricks—And Can They Help Solve Our Plastic Waste Problem?
Are ecobricks really a potential building block to solving our plastic waste problem? Here's everything you should know.
Demand for Plastic-Free Products Is Up by 90%, Says New Study
Consumers have spoken: Recent Amazon search data reveals an increase in the search for plastic-free products.
Is Plastic Wrap Recyclable? Why to Ditch It for an Eco Alternative
Plastic wrap is used daily in households around the world. But is it recyclable? And does it harm the planet? Here's what to use instead.
McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Are Getting an Eco-Friendly Makeover
McDonald's is giving its iconic plastic Happy Meal toys an eco-friendly makeover. Here's how the move will drastically reduce waste.
A New Study Found 20 Companies Produce Half the World's Plastic Waste
A new study found just 20 companies are fueling more than half of the single-use plastic waste in the world.
Bite Toothpaste Bits Review: We Tried Eco-Friendly Toothpaste
Curious about Bite Toothpaste Bits? Our Scouts gave them a try. Here's what they thought of the eco-friendly toothpaste.
7 Easy Plastic-Free Products Swaps for Everyday Life
These are some of my favorite swaps in honor of Plastic-Free July!
Sustainable Fabric Swaps: What are You Wearing?
Every day, we make decisions about sustainability without realizing it– our clothes are composed of synthetic and natural fibers that have a big impact on the environment.