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how to stay cool in summer heat
5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Stay Cool in the Blazing Summer Heat
With this year's record-breaking temperatures, learning how to stay cool in the summer heat is a must. Here's how to do so sustainably.
gardening for beginnings how to grow your own food
Gardening for Beginners: 12 Tips for Growing Your Own Food
Growing your own food is both fulfilling and eco-friendly. If you're ready to get started, consider this gardening for beginners 101.
how to sell clothes online
How to Sell Clothes Online, From Taking Photos to Shipping
Learn how to sell clothes online like a pro, from taking great photos to shipping. It's an easy way to make money while benefiting the planet.
sustainable rave accessories
8 Sustainable Accessories for the Modern Raver
The raver aesthetic is back—the abundance of plastic is not. Here's how to channel your inner raver, sustainably.
eco-friendly sustainable moving tips
10 Eco-Friendly Moving Tips You Need to Reduce Waste
Whether it’s boxes, driving long distances, or getting rid of clutter, moving creates a lot of waste. These tips make moving more eco-friendly and sustainable.
how to make your tattoo sustainable
5 Ways to Make Your Next Tattoo More Sustainable
Tattoos come with a fair amount of waste. Here's how some artists are making tattoos more sustainable—and how you can, too.
How to Adopt a Tiny Living Mindset from Anywhere
Have you ever thought about tiny living? An expert shares how you can adopt tiny house living from anywhere, no matter your square footage.
How to Start Composting at Home: Everything You Need to Know
Want to learn how to start composting at home? This guide will teach you everything you need to know to become a composting pro.
10 Positive Eco-Friendly Trends Happening During a Pandemic
Our lifestyles have changed drastically, and almost all of these changes have been for the better.
This Surprising Quarantine Activity Will Make a Positive Impact In Minutes
One great way to give back is as easy as picking a couple of things off the ground. Here's some tips on how to do so safely during the COVID-era.
Why Intersectional Environmentalism Matters To All
We can't talk about eco-friendly and sustainable living without understanding how environmentalism as we know it has not been accessible to all in the past, and still isn't today. Intersectional environmentalism puts environmentalism and social justice squarely together, and here's why it's important to everyone.
11 Books About Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Living
Here are 11 great books to read if you are looking to boost your knowledge about sustainability and climate change. Happy reading and feel free to share your reviews in the comments below!
10 Amazon Alternatives: Ethical Marketplaces to Shop
Here are a few places to shop if you're looking for alternatives to the biggest e-commerce store on the planet.
10 Easy Eco-Friendly Crafts for Everyone
These eco-friendly, low-waste crafts use materials and supplies you already have laying around your home.
5 Simple Things I Do Every Day to Live Sustainably
Embarking on a sustainability journey may feel overwhelming at first. I, too, originally felt uncertain about where to get started. Wherever you currently are, know that there are many simple steps - including five things that I do everyday - that you can take to reduce your environmental impact.
Quarantine Conscious Eating: Our Top Tips
We'll show you how to make choices that are good for you, others, and the planet during this time of need.
5 Ways to Help The Planet While You’re Homebound
I'm not going to sugarcoat it – we're in some uncertain times right now. Let's stay as positive as possible and lean on our newfound resource (time!) to do good for the planet and those around us.
How to Buy Nothing For A Year
It's actually possible to buy nothing for a year. Here are 20 ways to live sustainably buy limiting your purchasing.
Living Sustainably with Pets Is Easier Than You Think
It's highly likely that you own a pet or are close to a loved one's animal. Here are a few of our favorite tips on living ethically + sustainably with your furry companion.
My Journey Toward Zero Food Waste
Food is one of those things that is easy to waste, often for the sake of convenience. These tips will help you cut back and better the planet.