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Rice Water for Hair Growth: Benefits and How to Make It
Dermatologists say you can use rice water for hair growth. Here are the benefits, how to make it, and how it helps lengthen your hair.
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How Much Shampoo Do You Need? The Answer Will Surprise You
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6 Non-Aerosol and Natural Dry Shampoo Options
These non-aerosol and natural dry shampoo options don't contain benzene, helping you create a haircare routine that's better for you and the planet.
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Heatless curls are going viral online: They're good for your hair, the planet, and your bank account. Here are six methods to try.
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These eco-friendly shampoo options make your haircare routine more sustainable. You'll find refillable options, bars, bottles, and more.
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Greasy or oily hair got you down? Your hairbrush may be the problem. Here's how to clean a hairbrush in six simple steps.
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Add this sustainable shampoo to your clean beauty routine—no water required!