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Our Scouts Tried a Shampoo Concentrate From Everist—No Water Required!

Add this sustainable shampoo to your clean beauty routine—no water required!

Written by
Diana Kessler

Finding a sustainable alternative to the shampoo you’ve been using for years—that also works just as well—can be difficult. Especially since shampoo bars aren't everyone's cup of tea. That's where Everist's shampoo concentrate comes in: It gives you that bottle feel, minus the waste.

So, what is a shampoo concentrate? It's more comparable to your run-of-the-mill shampoo than shampoo bars. The major difference is that concentrates are waterless. This requires much less space and therefore comes in smaller containers, saving you trips to the store and helping you reduce your overall plastic waste.

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What Is Everist?

Everist is on a mission to fix the beauty industry's plastic problem. (And, it's making your hair look amazing in the process!) What makes Everist really stand out is its all-natural, biodegradable ingredients, thoughtful packaging, and cap return program.

The brand says no to the ingredients you might find in a typical shampoo bottle, such as microplastics and phthalates. At one-third of the size of a normal bottle of shampoo, the shampoo concentrates also require less packaging, which also means less carbon emissions to ship.

The concentrates are packaged in pure aluminum tubes that are easily and infinitely recyclable in a curbside bin. But what about the plastic cap? That, too, can can be returned to Everist through its

Everist's three-step process makes shampooing easier than ever. Simply squeeze one inch of product into your hand, activate the product by rubbing it together in your hands, and lather it in your hair for 30 seconds. Rinse, and you're done!

Our Scouts agreed on how easy this process is; it's a swap they would recommend to their friends. They also loved how it comes with a metal tube key that helps you get every last drop of product.

What Our Scouts Thought:

  • "I would definitely recommend this to a friend—especially one that might have different hair needs, since not all plastic-free products on the market are dynamic enough for every hair type. I can see this product as being way more universal for the sustainably minded individual!"  —Ray Daves
  • "I really liked the texture of the concentrate and was surprised at how well it lathered! My favorite part is the fact that the packaging is aluminum and entirely recyclable, and that the plastic caps can be returned to Everist to be repurposed." —Arya Akal 
  • "I liked that the shampoo had clean ingredients and no unnecessary filler ingredients that aren’t good for your hair. The smell is very soothing and I was really impressed with how much it actually lathers up! The key that comes with it is also nice; it ensures you get every last bit of the product." —Shelby Wolf
  • "I liked how easy it was to use with the key. It took away the guilt of not being able to use every last bit of product. The concentrate behaved like a normal liquid shampoo, which I loved. It also enhanced the natural waves of my hair, which was also a plus." —Kaitlyn Lowery

Things to Work On

Getting a hair-care product without any downsides is a tall order, but Everist comes pretty close!

What Our Scouts Thought:

  • "The design is great for travel, but it’s not the best for keeping in the shower on a regular basis. It takes up more space than my soap dish, and doesn’t stand up well on the shower shelf. If I were to use this again, I would need a caddy of some sort to keep it stored upright."  —Ray Daves
  • "It’s hard to not use too much at once. I have a bad habit of using too much of it and it makes my hair look oily after I use it. It doesn’t lather the same either, but that isn’t a huge issue." —Kaitlyn Lowery 
  • "It took a few uses before I actually got bubbles and a clean feeling." —Kimberlee Cardin

(Disclaimer: We did not pay any of our Scouts to review these products, but they did receive the products for free. Join our Scouts program if you want the chance to participate in the next product drop!)

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