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how to get rid of gnats
Bugs Bugging You? Here's How to Get Rid of Gnats Sustainably
Gnats may be small, but they can be a huge nuisance. Here's what you need to know about how to get rid of gnats sustainably.
clover lawn
Goodbye Grass! How Clover Provides the Low-Maintenance (and Sustainable) Lawn of Your Dreams
Turf grass is a thing of the past. Here's why you should consider a clover lawn as part of your next sustainable landscaping project.
how to keep rabbits out of garden
5 Ethical Ways to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden
Rabbits love vegetation. Here's how to keep rabbits out of your garden safely and sustainably.
urban garden
5 Tips for Starting Your Own Urban Garden
Homegrown food isn't just for those who make their homes in rural areas. Here are some tips for starting your own urban garden.
indoor green spaces
6 Ways to Create Your Dream Indoor Green Space
Stuck inside? Cultivating an indoor green space brings the benefits and beauty of the natural world into your home.
gardyn vs lettuce grow
Gardyn vs Lettuce Grow: Which Hydroponic Garden System Is Better?
Trying to decide between Gardyn and Lettuce Grow? We're breaking down both hydroponic gardens in terms of cost, sustainability, and more.
xeriscaping guide
What Is Xeriscaping? Everything You Need to Know About the Sustainable Landscaping Trend
Xeriscaping, or drought-tolerant landscaping, saves water and promotes native ecosystems. Here's what you need to know about the sustainable option.
pilea plant care
Caring for Pilea Plants: Your Guide to Watering and Propagation
Pilea plants are becoming increasingly popular. Here's your go-to guide to pilea plant care and propagation
worm farms
The Rise of Worm Farms Is Reducing the Ick Factor That Comes With Composting
Worm farms are becoming more and more popular. Here's why vermicomposting is one of the *least* icky ways to upcycle food waste.
butterfly garden plants and flowers
Start a Butterfly Garden: 10 Plants and Flowers to Start With
Monarchs and other butterflies rely on a number of plants and flowers for survival. Create your own butterfly garden with these blooms.
how to collect rainwater
Everything You Should Know About Collecting Rainwater
Learning how to collect rainwater is a sustainable solution to your gardening woes. Here's what you need to know to get started.
raised garden bed ideas
10 Raised Garden Bed Ideas Anyone Can Build
Growing your own food, herbs, and flowers is an easy feat with the correct set-up. These raised garden bed ideas will give your at-home grow an instant glow-up.
plant blindness
What Is Plant Blindness? Urban Farmer Nick Cutsumpas Explains the Phenomenon
Plants are vital to our environment and its many ecosystems, making our attention essential. Here's what plant blindness is, and how to combat it.
how to use compost
Wondering How to Use Compost? 4 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Mix
From DIY potting soil to community garden gifting, deciding how to use compost is as simple as the process itself.
plants that repel bugs mosquitoes
7 Plants That Repel Bugs Naturally, From Mint to Marigolds
Skip the chemical-heavy insect spray in favor of plants that repel bugs naturally. Here, seven options to rid your backyard of pests.
10 Native Full-Sun Plants and Flowers That Thrive in the Heat
We're living through one of the hottest summers on record. Here are 10 full-sun plants and flowers that thrive in the heat.
How to Make a DIY Greenhouse: 8 Easy Ideas for Every Space
Make your plant parent dreams come true with these DIY greenhouse projects that utilize upcycled materials like bottles and old windows.
How to Make DIY Grow Bags with Old Canvas Tote Bags
Did you know you can make DIY grow bags with your old canvas tote bags? Here's how a gardening expert recommends going about it.
How to Grow and Care for a Loofah Plant for Natural Sponges
Learn how to grow a loofah plant. Here's the process, from germinating the seeds to harvesting the loofah sponge.
6 Gardening Tips for Beginners, According to an Expert
If you're looking for gardening tips for beginners, you're in luck. Gardening expert Dominique Charles shared exactly how to get started.
How to Start a Community Garden to Catalyze Change
Community gardens have numerous benefits. Here's everything you should know before starting one of your own.