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Eco-News from Brightly

Read our most recent articles covering eco-friendly lifestyle tips, climate change information, zero-waste recipes, animal news, sustainable trends, and more.

celestial events december 2022
Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This December
December's sparkle extends to the skies. Here are three celestial events to watch for in December 2022.
honeybee lifespan
Honeybees Are Living Half as Long as They Were 50 Years Ago, Study Finds
Entomologists at the University of Maryland discovered why honeybee lifespans are on the decline. Find out why getting to the bottom of the issue is crucial.
quotes about nature
25 Quotes About Nature That Will Inspire You to Get Outside
The beauty of this planet has been inspiring great minds for centuries. Here, a selection of our favorite quotes about nature.
animals that hibernate
6 Animals That Hibernate During the Winter
Winter's chill makes us all want to cozy up for a big nap. Here are six animals that survive the year's more brutal months through hibernation or similar states of dormancy.
celestial events november 2022
Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This November
November brings a series of long, dark nights ideal for star-gazing. Here are three celestial events to watch for in November 2022.
do you have to be vegan to be sustainable
Do You Have to Be Vegan to Be Sustainable?
The short answer is no. The longer answer is that with mindful habits—and more plant-based choices—any diet can be sustainable.
study silent animals communicate
New Study Finds Dozens of Animals Thought to Be Silent Communicate With Sound
New research found 53 species previously thought mute communicate through acoustics. The study challenges assumptions about the origins of communication.
climate change fall foliage
Climate Change Could Be Be Affecting Fall Foliage—Here’s How
Shifts in moisture levels and temperature may be changing the duration and brilliance of fall's annual show. Here's what you need to know.
wwf report wildlife populations drop
Wildlife Populations Have Decreased by 69%—Here's How You Can Help
The Living Planet Report 2022 from WWF issues a "code red" for the planet. Here's what you can do to help.
How to Store Cucumbers: 5 Easy Tricks That Keep Them Fresh for Weeks
Sick of mushy cucumbers? Here's how to store cucumbers to keep them fresh for weeks. These five easy tricks work wonders.
alaskan snow crab season canceled
One Billion Snow Crabs Have Disappeared From the Bearing Sea
The snow crab population in the Bering Sea has decreased by one billion, causing Alaskan officials to cancel the fishing season for the first time in the state's history. Here's what you need to know.
wax worm saliva study
New Study Reveals That Wax Worm Saliva Degrades Plastic
Can caterpillar spit save the planet? New study reveals wax worm saliva contains enzymes that mitigate plastic pollution.
paper or plastic bags sustainability
Paper or Plastic: Which Type of Bag Is More Sustainable?
Which is more sustainable: paper or plastic bags? The choice between these single-use options is not as simple as it seems.
hurricane ian babcock ranch
This Solar-Powered Town Weathered Hurricane Ian Without Losing Electricity
Hurricane Ian devastated areas of Florida and left millions without power. Babcock Ranch, an eco-conscious community, was spared.
hummingbird moth facts
Did You Spot a Hummingbird Moth? 7 Facts About the Rare Pollinator
The hummingbird moth, which is often mistaken for a hummingbird, is a rare and beautiful pollinator you should know about. Here are some interesting facts to get you started.
5 Fun Ways to Reuse Pumpkins After Halloween
There are so many ways to reuse pumpkins after Halloween. Here are five creative options, from having a spa day to using it as a plant pot.
Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This October
Autumn means longer nights. Here are three celestial events to watch for in October 2022.
nuclear waste
Could Nuclear Waste Be a Sustainable Solution to Our Energy Needs?
Rather than a problem, nuclear waste could be the best solution we have to both meet our energy needs while also protecting the environment.
city trees global warming
The Shade Provided by Your City’s Trees May Diminish With Global Warming
A new study found tree and shrub species in 150 countries around the world could be killed due to global warming.
what happens to garbage at landfill
What Happens to Your Trash After It Goes to the Landfill?
Tossing trash is a mindless habit that comes with heaping consequences. Here's what happens to your garbage when it goes to the landfill.
The Founder of Patagonia Just Gave Away His Company in Support of Environmental Causes
Patagonia founder and longtime nature-lover Yvon Chouinard is combatting climate change by giving away his company.
Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This September
The night sky's show is breathtaking and accessible. Here are three celestial events to watch for in September 2022.
8 Peacock Facts That Will Change How You See the Bird
Peacock facts to rattle off at parties (the group term for peacocks)—and to inspire further appreciation of the beautiful bird.
The Dugong Sea Cow Is Going Extinct — Here’s What You Should Know
A new study says the dugong sea cow is extinct in Chinese waters. Here's what you should know about the gentle marine mammal.
How Solar Energy Works and Its Environmental Benefits
Here's your guide to how solar energy works, how it compares to fossil fuels, and the environmental benefits you should know about.
A New Study Suggests That Spiders Dream
A new study focusing on the sleep patterns of jumping spiders registered rapid eye movement, which means it's possible that spiders dream.
Creepy But Climate-Friendly: Last-Mile Delivery Drones Could Curb Carbon Emissions
According to a recent study, using drone delivery for small packages could significantly reduce carbon emissions.
Sustainable Photography Guide: 5 Simple Changes to Make Today
While photography is a relatively low-impact practice, it can be made even more sustainable with a few extra considerations.
Squirrels and Other Animals Are Splooting in the Heat (and We Totally Get It)
Across the country, rising temperatures are finding squirrels and more splayed out on the ground—a position known as splooting.
Tumbleweeds Are a Surprising Problem for the Planet—Here's Why
Tumbleweeds are an invasive plant species that can contribute to a number of environmental problems. Here's what you should know.
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