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solar energy benefits
How Solar Energy Works and Its Environmental Benefits
Here's your guide to how solar energy works, how it compares to fossil fuels, and the environmental benefits you should know about.
earth second moon Kamoʻoalewa
Does Earth Really Have a Second Moon?
Earth's second moon is a quasi-satellite known as Kamoʻoalewa. Here's what you need to know.
seagrass carbon
Wales Is Planting Underwater Meadows of Seagrass to Restore Ecosystems and Absorb Carbon
A major seagrass planting project is underway in Wales. Here's how seagrass meadows can help save wildlife and cut carbon.
march 2023 celestial events guide
Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This March
March brings winter's final full moon, meteors, and the start of spring. Here are three celestial events to watch for this month.
are flushable wipes flushable
Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable?
Flushable wipes sound like a dream. But the unfortunate reality? Flushing them can cost you thousands in repairs and harm the environment.
green noise
Meet Green Noise: The Nature-Inspired Sleep Aid Psychologists Swear By
Green noise is here to help you sleep a bit more soundly—all while celebrating Mother Nature.
tinder fungus could replace plastics
New Study Says That Tinder Fungus Could Replace Plastics
Research suggests that the composition of tinder fungus, rather than the fungus itself, could offer inspiration as we develop lightweight alternatives to plastic.
8 Most Invasive Species in North America and Their Startling Effects
Which invasive species are causing the most harm in the United States? Here are the most common to know about, from insects to plants.
plant blindness
What Is Plant Blindness? Urban Farmer Nick Cutsumpas Explains the Phenomenon
Plants are vital to our environment and its many ecosystems, making our attention essential. Here's what plant blindness is, and how to combat it.
traffic roundabouts environment sustainability
Traffic Roundabouts Are Better for the Environment—Here's Why
Modern traffic roundabouts are safer and result in fewer emissions when compared to traditional intersections. Here's what you need to know.
unusual animal friends
12 Unusual Animal Friends, Including the Capybara and Crocodile
Some wildlife pairings are stranger (and cuter!) than others. These unusual animal friends prove that nature is all about organized chaos.
toxic chemicals ohio
How Ohio's Toxic Train Derailment and Arizona's Hazmat Spill Are Impacting the Environment
Chemical spills in East Palestine, Ohio, and Tuscon, Arizona, come with adverse effects on human health and the environment.
what are pfas
What Are PFAS? Everything You Need to Know About the 'Forever Chemicals'
PFAS are in everything, from packaging to our water supply to our bloodstreams. But what are PFAS, and how do they affect our planet?
are manatees endangered in 2023
Are Manatees Endangered? Here's What's Putting Them at Risk
Once mistaken for mermaids, manatees are some of the most mythical mammals around. Here's what you need to know about the sea cows—and the threats to their ecosystem.
super bowl sustainability
How Sustainable Is Super Bowl LVII Between the Eagles and Chiefs?
The NFL is working on making Super Bowl LVII between the Eagles and Chiefs its most planet-friendly game yet. Here's what you should know.
animals climate change
Which Animals Are Most Likely to Survive Climate Change? This Study Provides Predictions
New research says that protecting ecological biodiversity rather than single species is the key to avoiding mass extinction.
disappearing stars light pollution
Light Pollution Is Making the Night Sky Less Starry, According to New Study
According to the Globe at Night project, our skies are brightening at a rapid rate. The light pollution (aka skyglow) is making it increasingly difficult for the human eye to register distant stars.
la costco apartments
Los Angeles Is Getting a Costco With 800 Apartment Units—Here’s How High-Density Projects Help the Planet
A Costco topped by 800 apartments could be coming to Los Angeles. The concept is an example of high-density development, which could help protect our planet.
landfill makeovers
11 Landfills That Have Undergone Stunning Makeovers
Landfills are an environmental blight and an eyesore. The good news? Some of these trash heaps have been transformed into beautiful outdoor recreation spaces.
february 2023 celestial events
Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This February
February's chilly nights bring some bright and warming star-centered events. Here are three celestial events to watch for in February 2023.
environmentally friendly ways to lay your pet to rest
The Most Meaningful and Environmentally-Friendly Ways to Lay Your Pet to Rest
Saying goodbye to your beloved four-legged friend is hard. Read on for a selection of meaningful and environmentally-friendly ways to lay your pet to rest.
cutest animals in the world
13 Cutest Animals in the World You Have to See to Believe
Need a reason to smile? The cutest animals in the world are here to provide the ultimate mood boost.
how to reduce carbon footprint
6 Impactful Actions You Can Take to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint, According to an Expert
Graham Hill is something of an environmental vanguard. Here are six things he and his company, the Carbonauts, recommend doing immediately to reduce your carbon footprint.
the biggest insects in the world
11 of the Biggest Insects in the World That Will Take Your Love of Nature to the Next Level
We like big bugs. The world's biggest insects include giant butterflies, beetles, and stick insects.
january 2023 celestial events
Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This January
Take a cue from January's starry skies and shine as brightly as you wish. Here are three celestial events to watch for in January 2023.
9 Facts About Jumping Spiders That Will Amaze You
Jumping spiders might have a bad reputation, but these facts prove they’re surprisingly captivating and critical to ecosystems.
how to poop in the woods
Attention Hikers: How to Poop in the Woods Without Harming the Planet
Hikers and campers are negatively impacting the environment by improperly disposing of their waste. Learn how to poop in the woods responsibly and sustainably.
perennial rice sustainable
Perennial Rice Could Lead to a More Sustainable Future, Study Says
New research says that a new perennial rice produces grain while cutting labor costs and improving ecosystems.
sustainable habits that aren't as eco-friendly as you think
4 Surprising ‘Sustainable’ Habits That Aren’t as Beneficial as You Think
Certain actions seem more sustainable than they actually are. Here are four "eco-friendly" habits that may do more harm than good.
celestial events december 2022
Star Brightly: 3 Celestial Events to Observe This December
December's sparkle extends to the skies. Here are three celestial events to watch for in December 2022.
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