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The Environmental Impact of an Average Christmas Dinner
Want to know the environmental impact of Christmas dinner? Here's the carbon footprint of the meal and how to make it more sustainable.
eco-friendly thanksgiving
6 Ways to Have an Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving
Having an eco-friendly Thanksgiving is easy with these tips. Learn how to plan your feast with the planet in mind, deal with waste, and more.
how to make kimchi at home - kimchi recipe
This Kimchi Recipe Is Good for Your Body and the Planet
According to an RD, this traditional Korean dish boasts major health benefits (plus, it's delicious). Read on for your new go-to kimchi recipe.
vegan mozzarella sticks
These Vegan Mozzarella Sticks Are Just as Wholesome as They Are Delicious
You can make your own vegan mozzarella sticks with a handful of healthy ingredients, including cashews, nutritional yeast, and whole wheat flour.
cookie dough nice cream
How to Make Cookie Dough Nice Cream Recipe in Minutes
This vegan cookie dough nice cream recipe is delicious, healthy, and planet-friendly. Here's everything you'll need to make it.
can you eat orange peels
Can You Eat Orange Peels? The Answer May Surprise You
Can you eat orange peels? Don't toss them out; experts say the skins make a delicious, healthy, and food waste-reducing addition to many dishes.
leftovers bowl formula
A Third of Americans Forget About Their Leftovers—This Hack Will Help You Use Them
A new report found one in three Americans forget about their leftovers. This Leftovers Bowl formula will help you use them before they go bad, saving money and combatting food waste.
vegan chicken recipe
Vegan Chicken: What It's Made Of, How to Make It, and Brands to Try
Meatless meals just got easier with vegan chicken. Here's what it's made of, brands to try, and a vegan chicken recipe to make at home.
vegan chocolate mousse recipe
This Vegan Chocolate Mousse Is the Perfect Last-Minute Valentine's Day Dessert
Does the year's most romantic holiday have you craving some chocolate? This vegan chocolate mousse is an easy (and eco-friendly) addition to your Valentine's Day menu.
How to Make a Delicious and Sustainable Valentine's Day Meal
Love Valentine's Day and going all out for sustainable swaps? Here's how to make sustainable Valentine's Day meals from start to finish.
vegan jackfruit recipes
19 Jackfruit Recipes to Try for Delicious Meatless Meals
In need of a tasty meatless swap? From vegan fried chicken to pulled "pork," these jackfruit recipes definitely won't disappoint.
This Recipe Turns Sprouted Potatoes Into Tortillas
Don't compost your sprouted potatoes just yet. First, make these potato tortillas that only require two simple ingredients.
12 Meatless Recipes to Try, Including Crispy Sesame Cauliflower Wings
If you want to add more meatless recipes to your lineup, these easy-to-make vegan and vegetarian options are a great place to start.
How to Make Oat Milk at Home in Seconds With Two Ingredients
Learning how to make oat milk at home is really easy. Here are the only two ingredients you need to get the job done.
This Pumpkin Pie Hummus Recipe Is the Ultimate Fall Snack
This pumpkin pie hummus is the perfect fall snack. Here's how to make it in just a few minutes. (You can even use your leftovers!)
6 Bento Box Lunch Ideas to Try, From Taco Salad to Build-Your-Own Pizza
Give your lunch a boost with these fun and easy bento box lunch ideas. You'll find a no-cook taco salad, build-your-own pizza, and more.
7 Vegetable Dessert Recipes You Can Make With Food Scraps
From cauliflower ice cream to kale cake, these vegetable dessert recipes can be made with the leftover veggies in your kitchen.
Swap the Boxed Stuff for This DIY Low-Waste Mac and Cheese Powder
Who needs the boxed stuff when you have this DIY low-waste mac and cheese powder on hand? It's dairy-free, easy to make, and delicious.
Pinto Bean Blondies Are the Plant-Based Dessert of Your Dreams
Not sure what to do with the can of pinto beans in your cupboard? Whip up a batch of pinto bean blondies. They're easy, healthy, and tasty.
Use These Steps to Turn Fruit and Veggie Scraps Into Snack-Worthy Chips
Try this easy way to turn your food waste into a healthy yummy snack.
Our Community Pooled Together Hundreds Of Meatless, Eco-Friendly Recipes That You’ll Love
Our community pooled together around 300 eco-friendly recipes that we absolutely love. Check them out here.
5 Eco-Friendly Breakfast Recipes To Detox and Reset With in the New Year
New year, new eco-friendly recipes to try. We've handpicked our favorite community recipes to detox and reset with. Enjoy!