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7 Money-Saving Tricks You Haven't Thought of Yet

Penny-pinching is easy when you have these money-saving tricks up your sleeve. They don't just boost your bank account—they also benefit the environment.

ways to save money 2023
Written by
Tehrene Firman
If recent headlines are making you
grip your wallet
a little tighter, you're not alone. According to
, Target shoppers are pulling back on discretionary purchases (like
home goods
) and putting their money toward food and other essentials.
Target's chief growth officer says reprioritization is due to the "
persistent inflation in groceries
and essentials," and it's happening at
Home Depot
and other chains, too. The thought of rethinking your spending might sound daunting, but this news is only opening up an opportunity to become more financially savvy. It's also the perfect time to embrace
sustainable living
, which often goes hand-in-hand with saving money.
Take some time to reflect on your spending habits and see where you can pull back. If you need some simple ways to save money, we have you covered. Here's how to adopt a frugal mindset and build a more sustainable future for yourself—both financially and environmentally.

7 Ways to Save Money in 2023

1. Swap Single-Use Items for Reusables

One of the easiest ways to save money is to swap single-use items you use regularly for reusable options. A great place to start is
your kitchen
. Do a quick audit and make note of what you see—think paper towels, plastic wrap, and Ziplocs. Then, stock up on reusable alternatives that will last for years to come.
Common Single-Use Items to Swap:
• Swap paper towels for
Reusable Paper-Less Towels

• Swap Ziplocs for
Reusable Silicone Bags

• Swap plastic wrap for
Reusable Fabric Bowl Covers

• Swap plastic bags for
Food Huggers
While reusables are an initial investment, you'll save in the end. Take paper towels, for example. Many consumers spend nearly $200 per year on paper towels. When you buy a pack of reusable fabric paper towels (
this pack
gives you 24 for $15), you'll save hundreds of dollars per year.

Organic Cotton Paper-Less Towels

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2. Pay a Visit to the Thrift Store

Before buying something new, try to score it secondhand. Your local
thrift store
is a treasure trove of barely-used items. Need a new vacuum, outdoor furniture, dress, or toaster? It's likely there, and it's most definitely cheaper than anything you'll find at your nearest
chain store
. Plus, by shopping secondhand, you're keeping perfectly-good items out of landfills.

3. Be Mindful of Your Energy and Water Usage

ways to save money
Once you become aware of any unnecessary energy or
water consumption
in your daily routine, it becomes impossible to overlook. By being more mindful, you're not only benefiting the environment but also your bank account.
Incorporating simple practices—like refraining from leaving the water running while brushing your teeth, switching off lights upon exiting a room, or deactivating the air conditioner when the weather is pleasant—will help you save money while conserving valuable resources.

4. Sell the Belongings You No Longer Need

What better time than now to
become a minimalist
? If you've been wanting to
, give yourself some motivation: Doing so can add some extra money to your pocket.
Look through your belongings and decide which items you no longer need. Then have a garage sale, list them locally on Facebook Marketplace, or sell them on resale platforms like eBay and Poshmark. Downsizing and
getting organized
can also cut out future costs. Without so much stuff in every nook and cranny of your home, you'll know right where everything is and won't waste money buying duplicate items you forgot you had.

5. Become a Meal-Prepping Pro

ways to save money
Meal prepping
doesn't just benefit your health, giving you nutritional options ready to heat up whenever you're too tired to cook after a long day of work. It's also a great way to save money.
Every Sunday, take the time to find a few recipes you can make in bulk and eat throughout the week. Then create a shopping list and avoid veering from it at the grocery store. By knowing exactly what you need (and sticking to it!), you'll avoid impulse purchases that add up over time. If there's anything you can buy in bulk (like rice, beans, and other pantry staples), you can reduce your grocery expenses further.
When you prepare your meals, make sure you're storing them properly so they stay fresh all week long, like in airtight
silicone storage bowls
. Doing so also reduces
food waste

Silicone Food Storage Bowls

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6. Opt for Public Transportation

Gas can be pricey, especially if you're commuting to work every day. If public transportation—like a bus or train—is accessible and convenient in your area, taking it even a few times per week could save you money. Better yet, if you can bike or walk, your costs will be cut even further. Plus, you'll also be able to enjoy some health benefits while doing your part to
reduce carbon emissions

7. Fix or Upcycle Your Belongings

ways to save money
Don't allow yourself to toss something out before attempting to fix it or
it first. Repurposing or repairing what you already have keeps waste out of landfills and dollars in your bank account.
Trash truly does become treasure with an open mind. You can easily turn
worn-out t-shirts
into cleaning rags or reusable makeup wipes, and glass jars into storage containers. If something is broken—think electronics or furniture—getting it fixed may cost less than buying new.

The Takeaway

Small changes add up, and you'll be surprised at how much money you can save by even focusing on a couple of these tactics each week. Your future self—and the planet—will thank you.