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Walmart Just Launched Sustainable Bras Made from Sugarcane

You can now find sustainable bras at Walmart for under $14. Here's everything to know about the new intimates brand, Kindly.

Written by
Briana Dodson

We're always on the hunt for clothing made with us and the planet in mind. Luckily, that's becoming easier: More and more brands have started using more sustainable materials, from UGG to Louis Vuitton. That list also includes Walmart, which recently made eco-friendly bras even more affordable and accessible.

A plant-based bra cup is headed to the big-box store thanks to the new sustainable intimates brand, Kindly. Launched by the lingerie manufacturer Gelmart, the brand's goal is to offer affordable, inclusive, and sustainable intimates to consumers. All of the products in the line—which also includes underwear—is made from 75 percent recycled materials.

This creation has been in development for over three years. While most bra cups are made from foam, this option is made from Brazilian sugarcane. The other components—including the straps and wings—are made from a blend of recycled nylon, spandex, and elastic. The team at Kindly experimented with more than 30 iterations of trials, wear tests, and moldings to ensure the product was a perfect fit.

Aside from the sugarcane-based bra, there's also a collection of bralettes and underwear (including thongs, hipsters, and boyshorts). Better yet, the line is more size-inclusive than other options at the chain store: You'll find sizes 34A to 40DD in bras, and up to 3XL in bralettes and underwear. You can find the line in over 3,300 stores, as well as online, and everything retails between $11 and $14.

While this is a step in the right direction for a massive retailer like Walmart, this line isn't perfect. Gelmart manufactures most of its products in China, and there's little transparency on the factory and its practices. (A lack of transparency is also why Walmart was one of the lowest ranking chain stores in our recent report.)

Even when companies make eco moves like this, we can still hold them accountable and push them to be better. With that being said, the excitement around this line will hopefully inspire other big companies to follow suit.

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