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How to Make a Vegan Version of the Baked Feta Pasta Everyone’s Talking About

Here's how to make vegan baked feta pasta in under 30 minutes. The dairy-free version tastes just as good as the real deal.

Written by
Giulia Lallas

Some people assume vegans eat nothing but leaves. But in actuality, a vegan or plant-based diet features a variety of foods far beyond fruit and veggies. That includes mouth-watering dishes like baked feta pasta—the TikTok trend that's quite literally taken over the world.

The viral pasta recipe originated in Finland in 2019 after Jenni Häyrinen, a food blogger, shared her "Uunifetapasta" recipe on Instagram. The dish got the attention of millions, causing feta to sell out in local stores. It even took the prize for Finland’s 2019 phenomenon of the year. Naturally, the United States wanted to meet this global superstar, and there are now thousands of recreations on TikTok and Instagram.

Now you may be wondering: How is it possible to make a vegan baked feta pasta recipe? Easy. New vegan products seem to be hitting grocery stores by the day, and one of those items is dairy-free feta. Since all of the other ingredients are naturally vegan, that single swap will allow you to make a version that's just as creamy and delicious.

Want to try vegan baked feta pasta for yourself? Here's exactly how to make it.

Vegan Baked Feta Pasta 



1. Add cherry tomatoes, minced garlic, and olive oil to a baking dish.
2. Sprinkle with salt and toss.
3. Place your block of vegan feta cheese in the center of the dish.
4. Sprinkle on a little more olive oil and some red pepper flakes.
5. Bake at 400°F for 25 minutes.
6. While its baking, make your pasta according to package directions.
7. Remove the dish from the oven and stir in fresh basil.
8. Crush the tomatoes with your spoon and continue to stir until the consistency of the sauce is to your liking.
9. Add in the pasta and stir until coated.
10. Add salt and pepper to taste. Enjoy!