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7 Sustainable Nap Dresses That Are Worth Every Cent

Nap dresses might just be the comfiest trend to come out of quarantine. Here are some of our favorite sustainable options to try.

Written by
Giulia Lallas

Despite being stuck at home for months during the pandemic, new fashion trends (beyond cozy matching sweat sets) have emerged. First it was flared yoga pants, then crewnecks paired with turtlenecks. But the latest and comfiest is none other than nap dresses.

Nap dresses initially became a trend thanks to the brand Hill House Home. In fact, its dress was so popular that it sold $1 million worth of dresses in the first 12 minutes after a drop last year. Since then, the dresses have shown up everywhere—including on the websites of sustainable brands.

So, why are nap dresses still so trendy? Simple: Because during this time when everyone is spending so much time at home—whether that's working remotely or taking online classes—there's really nothing comfier to wear during the day. Not even leggings have them beat.

As the name suggests, nap dresses are even comfortable enough to wear during your mid-afternoon snooze sessions. The real issue arises when it's time to take it off because, well, you won't want to. Chances are you'll even forget you're wearing actual clothes in the first place. That is until you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Even after drooling on your pillow for three hours, you'll still look good.

An extra bonus of nap dresses is that many fit perfectly within the recent cottagecore aesthetic that has taken the internet by storm. The rise of the iconic Netflix show, Bridgerton, only caused the fascination of cottagecore to grow. Essentially, you get to be on-trend, comfortable, and cute. They're a win-win-win.

If you want to shop for sustainable nap dresses, we rounded up some of the best options online. Just note: They're generally a little pricey, but very much worth every cent. (If you're lucky enough, you might even be able to score one at the thrift store.)

7 Sustainable Nap Dresses We Love