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11 Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Find the best eco-friendly and sustainable gifts for men, from kitchen essentials to apparel and grooming must-haves.

sustainable gifts for men
Written by
Asha Swann
Shopping for the perfect
sustainable gift
for the men in your life isn't easy. That's why dads, brothers, boyfriends, sons, and husbands tend to get plenty of socks and
; you can't go wrong with the basics! But this year, why not step up your gift-giving game with some eco-friendly picks?
If you're looking for a gift for something for the men in your life, we're here to help. We've compiled a list of the best gifts for men that will have your loved ones (and the planet) thanking you. From a plastic-free
safety razor
that will last a lifetime to cooking gear, here are our top picks.

11 Sustainable Gifts for Men to Shop in 2022

1. Leaf Shave Plastic-Free Razor, $84

This eco-friendly metal razor is designed to outlast plastic disposable options. It has a built-in pivoting head that holds up to three blades, giving you a close and smooth shave. It also comes with a 10-blade starter pack.
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2. Rechargeable Lighter, $30

Ditch the wasteful plastic lighters and gift this eco-conscious rechargeable lighter instead. It's powered by a lithium-ion battery as opposed to butane, making it a great option for lighting candles, the grill, fires, and beyond.
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3. Caraway Cookware Set, $395

This ceramic-coated cookware set has everything you could ever need to cook sustainably. The non-stick pans release less CO2 emissions when produced compared to traditional non-stick cookware, and the coating is non-toxic.
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4. Planet-Friendly Pop Set, $30

Have a guy in your life who's obsessed with popcorn? Look no further than this kit that makes movie nights more eco-friendly. It comes with a reusable popcorn popper, popcorn kernels, and spices from Burlap and Barrel.
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5. On-the-Go Coffee Cup, $18

Drink coffee in style with this reusable cup that's made from discarded coffee husk. Instead of using single-use options which can't typically be recycled, the environmentally-friendly pick keeps waste out of landfills.
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6. 100% Cotton Apron, $50

You won't find another apron like this. Its super durable, 100% cotton canvas is made on a 100-year-old handloom in Kannur, India. It also has two large pockets—perfect for holding utensils or a phone while cooking.
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7. Brightly Exclusive Hoodie, $55

This Brightly exclusive hoodie is Fair Trade and made with organic cotton. Even cooler? The name of the artisan or factory worker who made your hoodie is on the tag.
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8. Cuyana Wool Cashmere Ribbed Beanie, $78

This cozy beanie is made with Cuyana's sustainable Italian recycled cashmere at a family-owned mill in Bologna, Italy. The mill transforms waste into new yarn, which is then knit into this hat in Padua.
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9. Down Alternative Comforter, $279

This ultra-fluffy comforter features an eco-friendly down filling made of recycled PET and CleanBamboo materials. It's soft, cozy, and ready to snuggle with.
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10. Tentree French Terry Colville Shacket, $108

Meet the eco-friendly shacket of his dreams. This ethically-made shirt-jacket is made of organic cotton and naturally dyed.
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11. The Body Shop White Musk Fragrance, $28

The Body Shop makes affordable fragrances for everyone. This scent is made with cruelty-free ingredients: It's light and airy with earthy hints of sandalwood and lavender, making it great for everyday use.
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