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Seed Health Review + Discount: Our Scouts Tried the Daily Synbiotic

Curious about Seed Health's famous Daily Synbiotic? Our Scouts tried the probiotic and shared their honest thoughts.

Written by
Mia McCallum

Finding a probiotic that works for you can be difficult, but finding a sustainable one can be even harder.

While there are a ton of options available on store shelves, most are bottled in plastic and lack transparency. Seed Health is changing the way we think about bacteria—the good kinds, of course!—and setting the bar for sustainable probiotics. 

What Is Seed Health?

Seed Health is showing consumers just how great bacteria can be, benefiting everything from your skin to your digestive health. While everyone is different, we all have a microbiome that's comprised of 38 trillion—yes, trillion—microorganisms. Most of that bacteria resides in your gastrointestinal tract.

Seed’s DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic is a 24-strain, broad-spectrum probiotic and prebiotic for gastrointestinal and whole-body health. The prebiotic outer capsule is made from Indian pomegranate, and the probiotic inner capsule is formulated with clinically and scientifically studied strains at research facilities around the world.

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The Daily Synbiotic also uses Seed’s unique 2-in-1 ViaCap® Delivery Technology. This proprietary nested capsule delivery technology ensures the bacteria remain viable through digestion—stomach acid, digestion enzymes, nor bile salts stand a chance. Because of that, you’re better able to reap the benefits of taking it daily.

Our Scouts gave Seed's Daily Synbiotic a try and shared their honest thoughts. Continue below for their full review!

The Good

Seed delivers its Daily Synbiotic through a monthly subscription, which can be canceled anytime.

During the first month, subscribers are sent a welcome kit, which includes a refillable glass jar, a glass travel vial, and a 30-day supply of Daily Synbiotic capsules. In the following months, subscribers will receive monthly capsule refills.

The welcome kit and refills both come in sustainable packaging, including a recyclable and home compostable bio-based tray, an algae-based ecological paper shipping box, a natural-based insulator, and home-compostable and bio-based pouches.

Seed’s Daily Synbiotic is backed by scientists, researchers, and doctors, while also keeping the planet in mind. So it’s no surprise that our Scouts loved this product, from the sustainable refill system to the capsule itself.

What Our Scouts Thought:

  • “I’ve taken probiotics before and I hated the plastic containers that the pills came in. I like that I can order refills and just keep the containers.” —Ciara Fitts
  • “This product completely expanded my knowledge of eco-friendly supplements. First of all, I had no idea they existed. I was under the impression that taking vitamins would always mean plastic bottles and lots of unknowns.” —Grace Campbell
  • “Most vitamins/probiotics/prebiotics have a gross after-taste. These don’t! No after-taste, no weird symptoms or nausea. They come in a refillable jar, so less waste!” —Natasha Taylor
  • “This product exceeded the hype! I noticed clearer skin, better digestion, more energy, better sleep, and all-around better moods! I love the eco-friendly packaging and the glass travel vial.” —Nacey Goodson

Things to Work On

While our Scouts agreed that this product was almost perfect, they had some feedback about the price.

What Our Scouts Thought:

  • “I honestly can say that I have no complaints except for the price. I do have to wonder why the product is so expensive. $49.99 a month is a lot for some people, including myself. I understand it's a high quality product, but lowering the price could really help more people experience the wonders of Seed!” —Nacey Goodson
  • “While I didn’t pay to try this product, I do think the price would be a huge downside, as it would be an investment for first-time buyers.” —Grace Campbell

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