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7 Delicious Ways to Make Pasta Chips

Pasta chips are taking over the internet for good reason: They're delicious. Here are seven mouth-watering recipes that won't disappoint.

Written by
Kristine Nguyen

TikTok's viral recipes aren't going anywhere anytime soon. There always seems to be something new to try, from banana peel bacon to cookie butter lattes. And now it's time to add pasta chips to your list, too.

You may already be familiar with Yumna Jawad, the content creator behind @feelgoodfoodie, who had the internet drooling over her vegan baked feta pasta recipe. Now, she's back at it again with another pasta recipe. But this time, it's fried to a crisp.

"I just tried the trendy pasta chips, and they're worth all the hype," she said in her video, which now has more than 27 million views and 2.9 million likes.

If you're unfamiliar with the trend, it's exactly what it sounds like. Boiled pasta is tossed with some seasonings, then air-fried or baked to crispy, golden perfection. The great part about this trend is that, aside from being easy to make, you can customize the chips to your liking by mixing up the spices and seasonings.

If you're already having trouble resisting the urge to make pasta chips right this second, don't fight it. Here are some delicious takes on the viral recipe that'll have you munching on them every day.

7 Pasta Chips Recipes to Try

With their wide and flat shape, it's no surprise that lasagna noodles make the perfect chip. Throw them in the air fryer and prepare a sauce for these perfectly dippable crips.

If you're a lover of Korean food, you won't be able to resist these gochujang pasta chips. Deliciously spicy and subtly sweet, you'll have a clean plate in seconds.

When making pasta chips, it only seems appropriate to use them for an Italian twist on regular nachos. With rich Alfredo sauce and all the toppings you could ever dream of, you've got yourself the ultimate appetizer.

What's better than pasta chips? Pasta chips tossed in chaat masala. These chips are spiced to perfection and make the perfect afternoon snack.

Based on the famous Italian dish, these cacio e pepe chips give you all the flavors of the iconic recipe in a bite-sized snack.

A dill pickle version? Yes, please. Pop these into the oven with some fresh dill and garlic powder, then let the munching ensue.

Ditch the potatoes for these delectably crispy pasta chip fries. With crunchy pasta, Italian seasoning, and a marinara dipping sauce, it has all the workings of the perfect party snack.