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5 Ways Your Local Library Can Help Your Family Live More Sustainably

Our local libraries are treasure troves of resources that can help us live more sustainably, from toy lending programs to gardening workshops.

Written by
Riley Baker
In the fast-paced world of
, finding the balance between raising a family and embracing sustainable practices can be a challenge. From
reducing waste
, eco-conscious parents often find themselves juggling various approaches to minimize their environmental impact. However, there's a hidden gem that can serve as a powerful ally in this quest: your local library.
Libraries are far more than repositories of books. Between their toy lending programs, events, and more, they provide a gateway to eco-friendly living—totally free of cost. Here are some ways your local library can aid in your family's quest toward a greener future.

5 Ways Your Local Library Can Help Your Family Live More Sustainably

1. You Can Rent Books, eBooks, and Audiobooks

Renting books from the library doesn't just save your family money—it's also a more sustainable option than buying your own, as it eliminates the need for new book production and reduces paper. There are also eBooks and audiobooks available for rental through the app
. No matter what age your child is, you'll find thousands of options for them to choose from each visit.

2. There Are Eco-Friendly Events and Workshops

Many libraries go beyond books and offer engaging events and workshops that cater to sustainable living. These can range from eco-craft sessions for kids using recycled materials to talks on energy conservation or
. By participating in these activities, families gain practical skills and insights into sustainable practices while connecting with like-minded individuals in their community.

3. You Can Participate in Toy Lending Programs

library benefits
Children often outgrow
quickly, leading to clutter and excess waste. Libraries have recognized this issue and are responding with toy lending programs. These free initiatives allow families to borrow toys for a limited time, offering children a variety of play options without the need for constant purchasing.
By participating in these programs, parents save money, promote sharing among children, and minimize the environmental impact associated with toy production and disposal. Check the
USA Toy Library Association
for a toy lending location near you.

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4. You Can Secure Seeds and Gardening Supplies

If you've been wanting to reap the sustainable
benefits of gardening
at home, your local library may be able to help. According to the
New York Times
, some libraries across the country allow you to borrow gardening tools. There's even a
Local Tool Network
that allows you to search for options in your area. Need some seeds? There's a program for that, too: The
Community Seed Network
connects gardeners for seed swaps.

5. You Can Rent Games, Puzzles, and Movies

libraries sustainable parenting
If your child loves board games, movies, puzzles, and video games, check and see what your local library has to offer for rentals. Instead of buying your own, sharing what's already available within your community is a simple way to save money, conserve resources, and reduce waste. Plus, it's fun—your family will always be able to try something new.