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11 of the Best Ways to Use Leftover Mashed Potatoes

You can turn leftover mashed potatoes into anything! Here are some recipes for soups, cinnamon rolls, and more.

Written by
Samantha Bailon

Mashed potatoes are a comfort food mainstay. Whether at the Thanksgiving dinner table or as a restaurant side, the starchy and delicious mash provides instant warmth to a multitude of meals. It was even found that mashed potatoes (and all their carbohydrate-heavy counterparts) release serotonin in your brain! In short, mashed potatoes make you feel good. But the question remains: What to do with leftover mashed potatoes?

The answer is whatever you want. It turns out that there's a wealth of ways to reduce food waste and transmute leftover mashed potatoes into new meals, often in which the mash functions as an enhancing ingredient rather than a side. Want a cozy and filling soup? Leftover mashed potatoes. For fluffier cinnamon rolls? Leftover mashed potatoes. Need some croquettes for tapas night? Leftover mashed potatoes. The possibilities are astoundingly endless.

Ahead, 11 leftover mashed potato recipes that prove the humblest food groups really do work the hardest.

11 Leftover Mashed Potato Recipes to Try

Comfort food at its finest. This loaded mashed potato casserole packs the flavor of a twice-baked potato into a shareable dish and provides room to customize to suit your dietary needs. Plus, it's sure to last you through the week.

This crispy twist on the creamy side transforms leftover mashed potatoes into an elevated appetizer ideal for holiday parties (aka perfect for sharing with friends and family).

Silky, filling, and easy to make, this mashed potato soup is the key to warming up cold winter nights. Make a large batch and freeze, reheating as needed.

Adult tater tots? We're in. Croquettes are a Spanish staple, and making these is as easy as rolling mashed potato balls in bread crumbs and deep (or air!) frying. Serve alone with your favorite dipping sauce, or alongside other tasty small plates.

For a unique method to reuse your potato leftovers, bust out your waffle maker for some seriously savory waffles. Top with scallions, avocado, kimchi—even leftover Thanksgiving stuffing and gravy.

When the nearest Irish pub isn't close enough, use your leftover mashed potatoes to whip up your own shepherd's pie. This vegan take substitutes mushrooms and lentils for the classic dish's ground meat.

These taquitos are crunchy and convenient. Simply steam tortillas, stuff them with mashed potato and cheese, and air-fry (or bake). Boom: Instant appetizer.

This is a simple means of transforming your leftover mashed potatoes into an item that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Dress up this recipe with herbs or flavors (lemon zest, anyone?) or enjoy it as is—perhaps alongside a butter board.

Also known as Kartofdzhyn, this calzone-like dish originates from Ossetia, Georgia. The filling is entirely adaptable—but no matter what ingredients you add, mashed potatoes make this pull-apart bread particularly savory and indulgent.

Duchess potatoes offer your leftover mashed potatoes a chance at a more elegant existence. Made from a mixture of mashed potato, egg yolk, and butter, these bite-sized snacks are all about the piped pastry shape.

This one is a doozy. Apparently, the secret ingredient to fluffy and decadent cinnamon rolls is—you guessed it—leftover mashed potatoes. The perfect brunch option for the morning after a holiday meal!