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Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Finds: January Edition

With all the eco-friendly options out there, it can be tough to find products that work well and are friendly to the planet. Here are some of our favorites for January!

Written by
Brightly Staff

As the Brightly community grows, more and more Scouts, app users, and community members have been asking about our favorite sustainable product recommendations. In this new series, we’ll be sharing our top eco-friendly finds in three categories each month!

For January, we’ve chosen to focus on our favorites in the beauty, fashion, and kitchen categories. Every product we recommend meets our high standards and is something we actually use and love.

Eco-Friendly Finds in Beauty

In the age of endless Zoom meetings, having a little unfussy coverage goes a long way. This hydrating tinted moisturizer comes in tons of shades and offers sun protection for when you do step outside. All of ILIA’s products are Leaping Bunny Certified and they offer a free recycling program. You can feel great about how ILIA is treating animals and the planet. 

Another recent favorite of ours has been ILIA’s award-winning mascara. It’s made of 99% natural ingredients and has a patented wand so for both casual lashes and longer volume. The bee and carnauba waxes in this mascara nourish and condition your lashes all day long. 

This luxurious overnight treatment is ultra-hydrating and leaves a glass-like finish on the skin, so you wake up refreshed and smooth. Alpyn uses plant-based ingredients in all of their products and sustainably harvests them from the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They’re also Leaping Bunny Certified and proud members of 1% for the Planet.

Eco-Friendly Finds in Fashion

Made from Amour Vert’s signature Modal Beechwood fabric, the Skylar Joggers are buttery soft. They’re an elevated and comfy option for hanging around the house or running errands. Amour Vert’s manufacturing process has a low carbon footprint, as 97% of their products are made within a few miles of their San Francisco offices, and they use compostable packaging for shipping.

Harper Coats makes outwear that’s the perfect mix of cozy, stylish, and sustainable. They only use vegan, cruelty-free materials. Plus, their coats are machine-washable! Best of all, this women-run brand is committed to sustainable manufacturing processes and offsets the carbon emissions for each order. 

Use the code BRIGHTLY20 for 20% at Harper Coats!

BENDY makes uber-comfortable sneaker/flat hybrids that both Laura and Liza love. With their flexible soles and eco-conscious manufacturing process, these shoes are the perfect match for anyone who loves comfort as much as the planet. BENDY is women-owned and ethically manufactures its shoes in Los Angeles, California. 

Eco-Friendly Finds in Kitchen

Nomen Wines ($12-16 / bottle)

Hailing from Newberg, Oregon, Nomen is run by a mother and her three daughters. We love their sassy name, affordable prices, and of course the delicious wine they make! Nomen also has a strong sustainability focus. Rather than contributing to the wine industry’s high carbon emissions by using and transporting glass bottles, Nomen uses plastic PET bottles. The bottles are 100% recyclable, shatterproof, and don’t affect the flavor of the wine.

Hand-picked in the mountains of Badakhshan, Afghanistan, Burlap & Barrel’s Wild Mountain Cumin is unlike any grocery-store cumin we’ve tasted. Burlap & Barrel carefully selects their single-origin spices for their unique flavor profiles and specialist quality. They pay fair prices directly to farmers and import ASAP—making their spices years fresher than anything you can find from a larger spice company. 

As we spend more and more time in the kitchen, we’re investing in tools that make cooking a joyful experience. Made in France by a fifth-generation knife maker, everything from Made In Cookware is heirloom-quality because of the carefully sourced materials and craftsmanship. 

These endlessly reusable dish cloths are made from biodegradable cellulose and are a planet-friendly alternative to paper towels. When they get dirty, you can toss them in the dishwasher or washing machine, and they come out good as new! In addition, Dropps sends all of its products in compostable packaging and uses 100% carbon neutral shipping.