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Use Your Last Bit of Jam to Create This Delicious Summer Cocktail

Use your leftovers in this jam cocktail recipe. It's refreshing, delicious, and is a simple way to cut down on food waste.

jam cocktail recipe
Written by
Kristine Nguyen
If you've been craving a sweet, fruity cocktail, look no further than the
nearly-empty jam jars
in your pantry. This is your chance to make a delicious, zero-waste drink in just a couple seconds.
No matter what kind of jam you're working with—peach, raspberry, and beyond—all you need to do is add in a couple of extra ingredients and give the jar a good shake. What you wind up with is a delightful little cocktail with a splash of fresh fruit from the jam.

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Not only is this a creative way of using your jars, but it's also a really fun and tasty way to reduce
food waste
. You're using every last bit of jam that's stuck on the side... and enjoying every second of it. (Pro tip: We have some
other delicious ways you can use nearly-empty jars
, too!)
Another great thing about this jam cocktail hack is that you can get creative with your drinks! You can use whichever liquor you have on hand (or go alcohol-free for a tasty
), use different types of jam for different flavor profiles, or even add juice or soda for some unique combinations.
If you want to try making a jam cocktail for yourself, keep on reading for the step-by-step instructions.

Jam Cocktails

jam cocktail recipe
What You'll Need:
Nearly-empty jar of jam
Liquor of choice
Juice, soda, or iced tea of choice
1. Add your preferred amount of liquor, and your other beverage of choice, to the jam jar.
2. Put the lid on the jar and shake vigorously until everything is distributed.
3. Pour over ice and enjoy!