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You Can Clean Your Grill With an Onion—Here’s How

The secret to cleaning your grill? Using food waste. Here's how your leftover onion half can remove built-up gunk in seconds.

how to clean a grill with an onion
Written by
Tehrene Firman
Grilling up
and veggies during the summer months? Always a good time. Trying to remove all the built-up gunk afterward? Not so much.
Typically, cleaning a grill involves using a wire brush. What you may not realize, though, is those sharp bristles have sent
1,700 Americans
to the emergency room between 2002 and 2014. The individuals accidentally ingested them while eating their grilled food. That's where the humble
comes in—aka the grill-cleaning superstar you didn't know you needed.

How Can Onions Clean Your Grill?

how to clean a grill with an onion
Using an onion to clean your grill isn't just more sustainable—it's also safer. But how does the leftover veggie keep your grill squeaky clean?
Onions contain a compound called allicin. Aside from making you cry while cutting them (it happens to the best of us!),
says the compound also has antibacterial properties that can keep your grill cleaner than a wire brush. When paired with heat, the onion flawlessly breaks down even the most stubborn debris that's caked onto the grill.

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How to Clean Your Grill Using an Onion

1. First, ensure the grill is hot, which makes the debris easier to remove. This is best done right after cooking.
2. Take a white or yellow onion half and stick a fork or grilling fork into it. Holding the fork securely, rub the onion along the grates, scrubbing away any caked-on materials.
3. As you scrub the grill, the onion juice will help break down the grime. Before you know it, the grill will be squeaky clean and ready for your next cookout.
the onion half after you're done cleaning to keep
food waste
out of the trash.