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7 Vegan Hearts of Palm Recipes That Prove the Veggie is the Ultimate Seafood Swap

Heart of palm is the sneaky plant-based secret to getting your vegan seafood fix. These hearts of palm recipes—from lobster to calamari—won't disappoint.

Written by
Tehrene Firman
Hearts of palm don't get nearly enough buzz. The vegetable—which is the inner core of certain palm trees—is often used as a
vegan meat alternative
due to its tender texture, mild flavor, and versatility.
Hearts of palm are canned or jarred, making them a super-accessible vegan protein option. The veggie is also a great seafood swap that can easily be transformed into vegan lobster, calamari, scallops, and more.
So, what are you waiting for? The next time you're hungry and want to try something new, whip up one of the hearts of palm recipes below.

7 Hearts of Palm Recipes to Try

Vegan Scallops

hearts of palm recipes
Photo: We Want Veggies
Hearts of palm can provide the look, taste, and feel of scallops. Simply sear them in olive oil, white wine, and minced garlic.

Hearts of Palm Calamari

Photo: Simple Vegan Blog
Craving calamari? This recipe might trick you into thinking you're eating the real thing. With just eight ingredients, the end result comes out crispy, fishy, and mouth-watering.

Vegan Lobster

hearts of palm recipes
Photo: It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken
Get this: You can make vegan lobster—buttery lemon garlic dip and all—with just seven ingredients and 10 minutes of your time.

Hearts of Palm Po' Boys

Photo: Rabbit & Wolves
These hearts of palm po' boys are super crispy, loaded with flavor, and served on a soft bread that's slathered with creole mayo and lettuce. What could make your taste buds happier?

Hearts of Palm Tuna Salad

hearts of palm recipes
Photo: Feasting at Home
Typically, vegan tuna is made with chickpeas. This version utilizes hearts of palm for a flavor-packed alternative that will leave you wanting seconds.

Hearts of Palm Fish Tacos

Photo: That Vegan Nephew
The key to delicious fish tacos is battered and pan-fried hearts of palm. While the outside is crispy and golden brown, the inside resembles white fish.

Hearts of Palm Crab Cakes

Photo: Power Hungry
When shredded and seasoned to perfection, hearts of palm greatly resembles crab cakes. Add the crunch from the crispy coating, and you're good to go.