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Jump on the 'WaterTok' Trend With These 6 Flavored Water Recipes

With #WaterTok, hydration is trending. These flavored water recipes will help keep your sips healthy and sustainable.

flavored water recipes
Written by
Calin Van Paris
Health trends
come and go; social trends rotate even faster. The latest buzz at the nexus of virality and
? Flavored water recipes, concoctions designed to make prioritizing your daily hydration a far more interesting habit—and perhaps aiding the efficacy of your efforts, too.
Welcome to the world of #WaterTok.

What Is WaterTok?

flavored water recipes
, the H2O-centric hashtag, currently sits at 133.2 million views, with creators sharing innovative ways to make your water a flavorful affair. The recipes usually involve the coveted
Stanley Quencher
, ice, water (sometimes bottled), and packaged mixes—not the most sustainable of combinations.

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not necessarily the healthiest approach
, but take a moment to reimagine the trend, and #WaterTok becomes an opportunity to embrace healthy hydration while reducing food waste.
Like the
low-waste mocktails
before them, flavored water recipes are a means of upcycling
food scraps
, with excess produce—or even their rinds and
—infusing water with health and palate benefits.
Here, six flavored water recipes that are good for your body and the planet.

6 Flavored Water Recipes

Grapefruit Water

flavored water recipes
Photo: Raepublic
Craving something Paloma-like? Grapefruit-infused water comes with a boost of vitamin C, with rosemary providing antibacterial benefits.

Blueberry Lavender Water

Photo: The Produce Moms
Cool colors converge in this sweet and earthy beverage, making it a prime candidate for a garden party. Plus, lavender's scent relaxes, while ingesting it has anti-inflammatory effects.

Lemon Mint Water

flavored water recipes
Photo: Momsdish
For a quick (and healthy) detox, you can beat lemon and mint. Lemon provides citrus' typical immunity boost along with a bittersweet taste, while mint is a calming

Cucumber Water

flavored water recipes
Photo: Easy Healthy Recipes
water! Adding sliced cucumbers to your water is refreshing and immediately cooling, ideal for a balmy day.

Strawberry Lemon Basil Water

Photo: Dr. Kellyann
Celebrate strawberry season by tossing some slices into your water. Basil's herbaceous taste sweetens the deal—as does its circulation-encouraging magnesium.

Blackberry Mint Water

flavored water recipes
Photo: The Balanced Berry
Mint's digestion aid teams with the antioxidants in blackberries to create a healthy and memorable flavored water recipe. Bonus: These ingredients exist in abundance and are easily foraged.