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Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Finds: February Edition

With all the eco-friendly options out there, it can be tough to find products that work well and are friendly to the planet. Here are some of our favorites for January!

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Brightly Staff

Every month, Brightly co-founders Laura and Liza highlight a handful of their favorite eco-friendly products. They've tried thousands of eco-friendly products throughout their lives, and the ones they choose to spotlight are the real deal. We've rounded up their picks from the latest Good Together Podcast, and in honor of Black History Month, we’re also highlighting a few of our favorite BIPOC brands.

Every product we pick meets our high standards and is something we actually use and love.

BIPOC-Owned Eco-Friendly Finds

Beloved by thousands of superfans, this do-it-all vegan serum helps to treat hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and more with powerful clean ingredients. We love its' moisturizing effect and appreciate the mission of accessible clean skincare for all from Mary Louise Cosmetics.

This lip balm from Beelove helps build up communities while healing your lips and the earth – bees are a vital part of a thriving, healthy ecosystem, and choosing to use products that source responsibly from them is a great way to purchase with your values in mind.

Reel Paper is made from bamboo (a renewable resource) and gets shipped to you quickly and efficiently. We love how soft, sturdy, and eco-friendly it is.

Zero Grocery (Varies)

The way we consume food creates a lot of waste, especially from the packaging perspective. Zero Grocery offers plastic-free food shopping in the Bay Area and Los Angeles and features all of your favorites in one spot. They're adding more cities soon!

Eco-Friendly Finds in Beauty

Tata Harper crafts sustainable skincare with seriously potent ingredients, and we previously sat down to chat with the founder in another episode of the Good Together podcast. Our favorite pick from Tata is this mask – it's a fabulous spot treatment or all-around facial experience and will get rid of even the most stubborn cystic spots.

Have you ever thought about the amount of trash you create by using those single-use makeup remover wipes we all grew up using? A simpler and more eco-friendly alternative is to go with reusable, washable pads, and this option from Clean Circle gets every last bit of makeup when used in parallel with your favorite clean makeup remover.

Beloved by celebrities, supermodels, and Brightly's founder Laura, Weleda's affordable moisturizer is available in both heavy and light versions. Every time this runs out, we buy it again!

Eco-Friendly Finds in Fashion

Machine washable, eco-friendly produced wool slippers that have a colorful removable bottom for effortless outdoor trips – need we say more? These have held up over years for us and we're obsessed.

Every garment that Knickey produces is made thoughtfully and without harsh chemicals. Their inclusive sizing and variety of colors are amazing, and we love the way Knickey feels!

The hunt for ethically produced pajama pants isn't an easy one, but our team loves the ShutEye Pants from Toad & Co. We've tested them on our friends, significant others, and more... and everyone loves them.

Eco-Friendly Finds in Kitchen + Home

Smooth, tasty, fairly made, and special, we love this coffee from Zenbunni. Zenbunni sources only from fair-trade, regenerative, and Certified Biodynamic® farms. They roast coffee with the goal of retaining the abundance of antioxidants that are so often diminished in traditional roasts. These preserved nutrients protect against the cell damage and inflammation that are often the root of chronic illness.

Let's face it, composting isn't always the easiest thing to accomplish. While it sounds simple in theory, managing food scraps and the mess that goes along with it can be difficult in your kitchen. simplehuman recently came out with a compost caddy that can fit on the side of most garbage cans, making the process a bit easier. We've tried it and loved it.

Thistle and Westerly Meal Delivery

Meal delivery isn't without issues – packaging, carbon emissions and more can get in the way of a good bite, but we've tried both Thistle and Westerly and are impressed with their tasty, unique plant-forward and vegan meals alongside their commitment to testing and eventual transition to more sustainable packaging.

If you've been a listener, you'll know we love Sheets & Giggles at Brightly. Their new heavy throws make for a comfy and chic decor option in your sustainable home.