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'A Greener Worldle' Is the Planet-Focused Wordle Spinoff Worth Trying

There's now a planet-focused Wordle spinoff available called A Greener Worldle that's fighting climate change, one five-letter word at a time.

Written by
Angelica Pizza

Wordle is the word-guessing game that has us all on the edge of our seats. Each day, a new Wordle comes out, and we make up to six guesses to figure out the five-letter word. With Wordle becoming increasingly popular, spinoff versions are popping up all over the internet—including A Greener Worldle.

Created by the International Institute for the Environment and Development (IIED), A Greener Wordle aims to raise awareness about climate issues. Within 48 hours of its initial launch, it was played roughly 5,500 times. Here's everything you need to know about the new version of your favorite word game.

How to Play 'A Greener Worldle'

A Greener Worldle is just like the original Wordle. You type in your five-letter guess, and if the letters are correct, in the correct space, they'll turn green. If you guessed a correct letter but put it in the wrong spot, it'll turn yellow. And letters that are not in the final word are gray.

Except, there's one big difference between the new game and its parent: A Greener Worldle only features words that relate to the planet and climate change. Try guessing clean, earth, or waste. And the directions to play capture the game's initiative. They read: "You want the tiles to turn green, just like the planet."

'A Greener Worldle' Starts Conversations

A Greener Worldle may be a fun word game, but it also starts a much-needed conversation about the current state of our planet.

It's part of IIED's goal to raise awareness on climate issues, pushing players to think about how climate change is impacting us. The IIED has been tackling climate issues for about 50 years, working to spread accurate information about climate resilience and adapting to climate change.

On the surface, the game is just a fun, daily puzzle. But digging deeper, the game reveals the impacts global warming and climate change have on our planet. While we're playing A Greener Worldle, we're thinking of the changes our planet has endured. Think of the increase in severe storms, unprecedented ocean temperatures, and animal habitat loss.

Earth, and the life living on it, has adapted to each of these major environmental changes. But this silly game may reveal possible solutions to climate issues, pushing players to live a greener life.