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16 Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts Your Mom (and the Planet) Will Love

Spoil your mom with these eco-friendly Mother's Day gifts. There are accessories, kitchen goods, beauty products, delicious treats, and more.

eco-friendly mother's day gifts 2023
Written by
Morgan Cook
deserve the best, right? That seems to be what most people are thinking since the average person
spends $124
on Mother's Day gifts and celebrations.
While all the mamas out there deserve to be showered with gifts (and maybe a nice
Mother's Day brunch
!), it's important that we be conscious of where we're buying those gifts and how they're made.
To help you out with that task, we've compiled a list of eco-friendly Mother's Day gifts that your mom is sure to swoon over.

16 Eco-Friendly Mother's Day Gifts

mother's day gifts eco friendly

1. Reusable Silicone Baking Mat, $65

Meal prep is a breeze with this reusable silicone mat. Mom can bake cupcakes, prep smoothies—whatever her heart desires.
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2. Bloomscape Easy Peasy Plant Collection, $79

Put a twist on the usual card and flowers gift by opting for some greenery! These plants are categorized as "no fuss," so your mom can enjoy their beauty without having to worry about upkeep.
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3. Reusable Bowl Covers Set, $25

These reusable bowl covers are easy to use, easy to clean, and help reduce waste in your kitchen. If they get gross, simply toss them in the dishwasher to clean them.
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eco friendly mother's day gifts

4. ABLE Karla Belt Bag, $135

This bag is perfect for moms on-the-go. Designed with efficiency in mind, it can be worn around the waist or as a crossbody. Either way, it'll leave your mom hands-free to keep on doing her awesome mom things.
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5. Ettitude Waffle Bathrobe, $99

This robe is both comfy and sustainable. She'll love that it's not only cozy, but also free from harmful chemicals.
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6. MasterClass, Prices Vary

Trying to find a gift for the mom who has everything? A MasterClass could be the perfect solution. With over 100 classes ranging from cooking to writing to sports, there's sure to be something that would pique your mom's interest.
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7. Rechargeable Lighter, $30

Skip the disposable version and opt for a rechargeable lighter that utilizes a lithium-ion battery to generate a flame. Pair it with a candle for the perfect gift.
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sustainable coats and jackets

8. Outerknown Women's Chroma Blanket Shirt, $148

This brightly-colored shacket is super soft and cozy and made sustainably from 100% organic cotton and natural corozo buttons.
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9. Terra Stone Plant Coasters Set, $20

These diatomaceous earth plant coasters are extremely absorbent, ensuring mama's plants stay happy and hydrated—and tabletops stay mess-free.
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10. ABLE Vista Necklace, $65

This delicate, handcrafted necklace is sure to capture your mom's heart. You can select the word you'd like engraved for a personalized touch.
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11. Kate McLeod Solid Body Moisturizer with Case, $45

Plastic lotion bottles, who? This luxe
bar version
will effortlessly glide over her skin, making applying moisturizer a spa-like experience.
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12. Reformation Crimini Dress, $148

Mom will feel like a million bucks wearing this ditsy-printed dress that's sustainably made using viscose, a cellulose material made from wood pulp.
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13. Leaf Shave Plastic-Free Razor, $84

Reduce waste by swapping disposable plastic razors and refill cartridges for a reusable
safety razor
. This option from Leaf Shave even comes with a 10-blade starter pack.
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14. Terra Stone Bath Mat, $50

Say goodbye to soggy bath mats with this eco-friendly option made from diatomaceous earth. It wicks away moisture immediately, keeping her bathroom dry and clean.
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15. Multi-Purpose Natural Cleaner Starter Kit

This is the cleaning kit of all cleaning kits, allowing mom to make her own chemical-free disinfectant spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria in a matter of minutes.
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16. Brightly x Peanuts Dryer Balls, $17

These adorable Snoopy dryer balls are reusable for over 1,000 loads, save energy by reducing drying time by up to 40%, and combat wrinkles.
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