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6 Eco-Friendly Products to Keep in Your Finals Week Survival Kit

#FinalsSzn is stressful, but these products can make it better.

Written by
Kristine Nguyen

It's coming. The most stressful time of the school year is upon us: finals season. High school and college students across the country are officially swamped with exams, papers, and presentations. Caffeine consumption is at an all-time high. Sleep is at an all-time low. If we're being frank... finals season sucks.

But, it doesn't have to suck too much. There's actually a couple things that we have in mind to help you have a more pleasant and successful finals week. (Besides studying, of course, which we hope you're already doing!)

To make your finals season a little less lousy, here's a list of products to put in your finals survival kit that will push you through those last couple weeks of the semester.

6 Products for Your Finals Survival Kit

Staying hydrated is a must when studying. With this gorgeous reusable S'well water bottle, it can also be stylish and sustainable. S'well's bottles feature triple-layered, vacuum-insulated construction that's designed to keep beverages cold or hot for longer. Plus, they have a condensation-free exterior. No more water stains on your papers!

An essential for just about any student out there is a sturdy backpack. Terra Thread's bags are made with 100 percent organic and Fair Trade cotton and manufactured at a Fair Trade Certified factory. With 14 unique color options to choose from, wearing a backpack has never looked cooler.

Chocolate? On a list about finals seasons products? Not as weird as you may think. This dark chocolate by The Good Chocolate is made from a select blend of Central and South African beans and is sugar- and soy-free.

Chocolate has a compound in it called flavonoid that improves blood flow to the brain, which can boost your memory and improve your reaction time. So if you're craving some chocolate, just tell yourself it helps you study better.

After a long day of chugging coffee and hitting the books, sometimes you need a little help with winding down. These Vertly bath salts are infused with soothing botanical ingredients such as CBD, pink Himalayan sea salts, and magnesium to help relax stiff muscles. Just sprinkle 2 to 3 scoops into a hot bath, and let your soul be soothed.

If you're a student attending college (or any school, for that matter), chances are the library feels like a chilly winter storm year-round. Keeping a trusty hoodie in your bag will definitely help when it feels too cold to focus.

This ultra comfy unisex hoodie by ONE432 is handcrafted by artisans in Pakistan and made from an upcycled cotton blend fleece, so you can feel warm and good about where your hoodie came from while you're writing that final paper.

Last, but certainly not least, Public Goods' Organic Coffee Beans will be your best friend. This coffee is certified organic, Fair Trade, and vegan-friendly. For all your late nights and early mornings, you can be sure that it's just as good to you as it is to the planet.