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Does Almond Milk Go Bad? Here's What a Registered Dietitian Says

We asked a registered dietitian whether or not almond milk goes bad, how to tell if it's past its prime, and the best way to store it to make it last longer.

does almond milk go bad
Written by
Riley Baker
Whether you favor
diets or simply prefer the taste of the alternative stuff, nut milk is a staple in many modern kitchens.
Along with the
reduced environmental footprint,
it can be
easily made at home
, meaning that your beverage is fresh, fast, and comes minus stamped and sanctioned use-by date. So how long does almond milk last, exactly—and what's the best way to store it for maximized shelf life? We asked a registered dietitian.

How Long Does Almond Milk Last?

does almond milk go bad
Like the majority of store-bought products, processed almond milk comes with preservatives that allow it a slightly longer shelf life. Still, said life is not so long, after all.
"If the almond milk is homemade, you need to drink it within five to seven days," says Amy Gorin, RD, a plant-based registered dietitian and founder of
Plant Based with Amy
. "If you purchased the almond milk from the store, you typically have about seven days to drink it after you open it."
Sipping your almond milk in time also comes with some health benefits: According to Gorin, a cup of almond milk comes with calcium, vitamin B12, and vitamin D, all at a relatively low-calorie count.

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How Can You Tell if Your Almond Milk Has Gone Bad?

does almond milk go bad
As with all fresh foods, the best way to tell if your almond milk is off is by making use of your senses.
Gorin suggests dumping your almond milk if it begins to develop an unusually thick or clumpy texture, a strange smell, or a sour (or just weird) taste.

What’s the Best Way to Store Almond Milk?

does almond milk go bad
Though your milk may be more natural than the factory-produced options, the rules of storage remain the same. "Store an opened container of milk in the fridge with the cap tightly sealed," says Gorin.
Pro tip: Ditch the traditional door space and position your almond milk toward the back of the shelf instead. "The back of the fridge has the steadiest and coldest temperature and storing your milk here will help it stay good for longer."

The Takeaway

does almond milk go bad
So, does almond milk go bad? Yes. Like most fresh foods, almond milk does indeed go bad. You're looking at five to seven days of safe sipping for homemade almond milk, and seven days for store-bought almond milk once it's been opened.
Keep your almond milk in a tightly sealed container and in the coolest possible spot in your refrigerator for maximum longevity. And if you notice anything odd, into the
it goes!